7 Quick Takes Friday

Participating in this for the first time, thanks to Jen's inspiration.

--- 1 ---

Elanor woke us at 4:30am this morning by vomiting all over our bed. Lovely. And by lovely, I mean totally disgusting. Neither Collin nor I could afford to miss work today, so she's in the care of a very nice lady named Margie, who lives just down the street from our regular daycare. Margie works nights at a local hospital and does babysitting during the day. We "met" via phone a month or so ago when we were frantically calling local hospitals to see if there was a sick kid's daycare. She was the receptionist at a hospital we called, and though their daycare had shut down, she offered her place as an alternative. We ended up not needing her then, but boy did we need her today! I checked out her home and references and felt satisfied with both, and so far Elanor seems to be doing well.

I'm glad we have some back-up for when the kids are sick. I have a feeling we'll be utilizing her services more often.

--- 2 ---

The reason Elanor was sleeping with us was due to the trauma of watching Dad swat flies. At first she thought it was great fun, but once she realized that swatting = death to flies, she became very upset, to the point where she couldn't sleep. I told her shecould sleep with us -- in retrospect, a bad idea. At least it forced me to change our sheets, but I'll probably need to take our bedspread to a laundromat to get it clean.

--- 3 ---

We don't have any big plans for Father's Day. Collin just wants a quiet day at home, so that's what we'll do. I'll make a special dinner and we'll play World of Warcraft, or maybe watch a movie. He already got his gift, the Star Wars Legos computer game (he bought it a month ago and told me it was an early Father's Day gift -- works for me!). I am working on something else for him; hopefully I can finish it tomorrow.

--- 4 ---

I feel the urge to do some cooking/baking this weekend. So far my plans include making waffles, banana bread, and homemade pizza. We'll see if my motivation stays the course.

--- 5 ---

Our iPhones were upgraded to OS 3.0 yesterday. One of the new features?

The ability to copy/paste.

LOVE it.

There are some nice new iPod features too, such as the ability to e-mail a link to the podcast you're currently listening to -- very neat.

--- 6 ---

Speaking of, I've become quite the podcast addict. My favorites are Catholic Answers Live, The Catholics Next Door, Daily Breakfast, NPR Performance Today, Among Women, and both The Journey Home and Mother Angelica Live from EWTN. Occasionally I'll get the LibriVox podcast, too.

--- 7 ---

Speaking of LibriVox, I've decided to start doing some recordings for them. I'm still playing with the software, but I'm hoping to record a story this weekend. I've gotten so much enjoyment from their audiobooks that I wanted to return the favor. I'm not sure how well I'll do, but I at least want to make the effort.

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  1. Hey! I play World of Warcraft too! What server are you on?

    Also re: #6, I listen to a lot of podcasts too. I find they're really nice to listen to while doing the dishes or walking to class, or otherwise engaged in somewhat boring housework (I don't have any kids to watch after though--don't know how the logistics of that would work out). My favorites right now are the podcasts put out by Busted Halo (http://www.bustedhalo.com) online with Fr. Dave. He's got a lot of energy and is really fun to listen to. They're also pretty easy to find in iTunes as well.


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