7 Quick Takes Friday

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

I'm very late with the Quick Takes today, but better late than never!

1. It's Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, so I'd like to take these first few quick takes to remember the babies I've lost to miscarriage.

2. Noel was conceived in October 2006 and died sometime November 2006 (we didn't discover that s/he had passed in utero until December 2006). I had a D&C and we arranged to have his/her remains interred. S/he is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Fargo, ND. After the ultrasound the diagnosed his/her death, my midwife gave me the ultrasound picture and I'm so glad she did. It helps to have that little bit of my baby as a memorial now that I'm too far away to visit his/her grave.

3. Chris (short for Christopher or Christina) was conceived in late February 2009. S/he died March 13, 2009. I miscarried naturally while in the ER so we weren't able to have a burial for him/her. All I have left of him/her is the picture of my positive pregnancy test.

4. I miss my babies every day, but I'm comforted by the fact that they are in heaven praying for me. I read this a few months ago and thought it was beautiful (unfortunately, the original article no longer exists; it appeared in The Catholic Telegraph and was authored by Fr. Rob Waller):

No words can take away the pain of miscarriage, although faith and time can lessen it. Some parents find the words of St. Bernard of Clairveuax helpful. He wrote to a couple that had a miscarriage. In response to their question, “What is going to happen to my child? The child didn’t get baptized,” St. Bernard said, “Your faith spoke for this child. Baptism for this child was only delayed by time. Your faith suffices. The waters of your womb — were they not the waters of life for this child? Look at your tears. Are they not like the waters of baptism? Do not fear this. God’s ability to love is greater than our fears. Surrender everything to God.”

5. Collin arrives home Sunday night and I'm so glad. I've missed him terribly. He seems to be having a good time in North Dakota, and I'm glad he's been able to spend some quality time with his dad, brother, and grandparents.

6. We got Elanor's school pictures back earlier this week. I was pleased with how they turned out.

Isn't she cute?

7. I was listening to "Why I'm Catholic" on Immaculate Heart Radio this morning. The guest was Dr. Ray Guarendi. It was an enjoyable show, and I was very intrigued when Dr. Guarendi, who was an engineer before he became a psychologist, discussed how the study of physics can help us understand the mystery of the Eucharist. I did a bit of Googling and found this article which expounds upon the idea. It's a good apologetic tactic to use when dialoguing with atheists!


  1. That is a really beautiful quote from St. Bernard. I'm sorry for your losses.

    And the picture of your daughter is really very cute.

  2. I really appreciate the quote from St. Bernard as well; beautiful and so comforting.

    Your daughter is very cute! Enjoy having your husband home again!


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