My birth stories

My oldest, Elanor, minutes after birth

I've posted all six of my birth stories to my blog, and I'm consolidating all the links into one post for easier reference.

All six kids were born in a hospital, and all were natural births (vaginal and unmedicated). The last four (Violet, Gabriel, Peter, and Laura) were doula-assisted. Elanor, Violet, and Gabriel were caught by obstetricians, William and Laura were caught by CNMs (certified nurse-midwives), and Peter was caught by a nurse because the CNM didn't make it in time.

The birth of Elanor Mary

The birth of William Joseph

The birth of Violet Elizabeth

The birth of Gabriel Keith

The birth of Peter David

The birth of Laura Rose


  1. I just read all three of them - how beautiful! I'm about to have my third baby so I love reading these stories ;)

  2. Congrats, Beth! I hope you have a wonderful birth with #3.

  3. Thanks so much for giving me this link- I loved all the stories! I'm a total natural birth junkie! It is always amazing to me how the same mom, the same genetic material... always combines to make such distinctly different births for each child! Birth is so cool. :-)


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