7 Quick Takes Friday - July 22, 2011

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. We did get to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II on Tuesday -- in 3-D, no less. It was very strange at first because whoever was running the projector accidentally loaded the non-3D version, so they had to stop the movie about 10 minutes in and restart it.

Anyway, I thought they did a great job. It definitely had a quicker pace than Part I. My only quibble was with the Harry vs. Voldemort showdown scene -- they did a few different things than happened in the book version, and I frankly liked the book version better. But overall, great movie.

2. We saw Winnie-the-Pooh over the weekend as well. Great film for families! All of us enjoyed it (except Violet -- she didn't pay much attention to the movie, but she enjoyed the popcorn and trying to escape from our row).

3. Does anyone else think that car seat shopping must be one of the circles of hell? I HATE IT. A piece broke off of Violet's car seat (which has been through three kids now, so it's not altogether surprising) so we had to go looking for a new one. We finally found one we both agreed on but it wasn't in stock anywhere we went. I finally found it at a Target near where I work. (On clearance even, w00t!) But throw in two disgusting diapers, courtesy of William & Violet + a forgotten diaper bag = not very much fun, and a much later night than anticipated (we didn't get home until 11pm, ugh, and I was up the next morning at 4am for work).

4. William started T-ball last Saturday and had a great time. He apparently hasn't gotten the hang of running bases yet, but I'm sure he'll figure it out eventually.


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But who's counting? :)

6. I had Subway's new pulled pork sub for lunch the other day and it was really, really good. Señor/ita Cuatro wholeheartedly approved.

7. Speaking of Señor/ita Cuatro, I have my 20-week ultrasound on Monday! I'm looking forward to getting another peek at him/her. We're still set on not finding out his/her sex, but it'll be fun to see him/her nonetheless. Collin MAY be able to come with, but given that OS Lion just came out, it's iffy. Even if he is able to come, I still think we'll bring Elanor with; I think she'll get a kick out of being able to see her new brother or sister.

Be sure to check back on Monday; I'll post pictures!


  1. One of my kids saw Harry Potter in 3-D! The rest saw it the regular way, ha ha. And, I cannot believe you are at 20 weeks!! My goodness!

    (And, I hate the whole car seat thing in general. Can't they make it easier by now??)

  2. Technically I'm 19 weeks today, but I guess it's my 20th week? Something like that.

    I agree with you on the whole car seat thing. SO annoying.

  3. Oh man I'm a total carseat geek and LOVE shopping for one, but I do it online. I do drive myself nuts with over researching them, though. It is tough.

    Hay for the u/s! Hope you post pics of baby. I love u/s pics, they're my favorite, so amazing!

  4. I saw Harry Potter in 3D and am going to see it in 'regular'D this weekend - LOVED it! So sad it's over, but it is a satisfying story.

    And that car seat adventure? I don't envy you one bit :(.

  5. Clearance prices are always nice. Sorry to hear it was a nightmare shopping for though! Ah where is CA are you vacationing? I was born and raised in Southern California, Orange County area.

  6. Kara - normally I'd do the online thing (and probably will with the new infant seat we have to buy for this baby) but we wanted to get a new seat for her ASAP instead of using the jury-rigged broken one!!

    Spence - we're spending 2 days in San Diego (the Zoo and Sea World), and two days in Anaheim (Disneyland!). We love Orange County!

  7. I, too, hate shopping for carseats. We'll have to buy a new convertible for our newest addition in about 6 months. Ugh.

    Would love to see Harry Potter, but will probably have to wait for DVD. That's okay by me, though.

    Enjoy you weekend!


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