7 Quick Takes Friday - October 26, 2012

--- 1 ---

I've been a lazy blogger lately. Well, not so much lazy, more that blogging has dropped low on my list of priorities. Not sure if that will change anytime soon; now that we're entering Holiday/Birthday season (Gabe and I = Nov, Collin = Dec, Elanor = Jan, William = Feb, Violet = March), life will get even busier.


--- 2 ---

Our camping trip to Roosevelt Lake was fun! We drove the Apache Trail (scary, but gorgeous), visited Tonto National Monument, and went to Mass at Holy Angels in Globe, AZ. We also had to make a quick trip to the Globe Wal-Mart after the first night to get some warmer clothes and an air mattress, which made the second night much more comfortable.

Here are a few pictures from the Apache Trail:

--- 3 ---

Elanor drew the following at our campsite, using only a stick. She said it was a puppy.

--- 4 ---

How YOU doin'?

Can you believe this little guy is going to be ONE next month (one month from today, actually!)? Neither can I.

--- 5 ---

'Cause he thinks we're blessings, not punishments!

--- 6 ---

Meet my son, the butterfly whisperer. We did this "Butterfly Adventure" thing at the State Fair and he was the only one of the kids the butterflies would go near. 

--- 7 ---

No, I didn't try one. But I was tempted.

I had a deep fat fried Reese's peanut butter cup instead. Collin had, I kid you not, deep fat fried BUTTER. Ah, fair food.

---Bonus 8 ---

Violet has started calling coffee "foffee" -- just like Kara's Tessa! (I think that's where Violet learned it from, lol.) Coincidentally, you can buy great coffee to benefit Kara's adoption of Nico! What could be better?

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  1. OMG VIOLET ROCKS!! LOL!!!! Thanks for plugging the coffee, I hear it's delicious and ships very fast!

    I haven't been to Roosevelt lake in a really long time. We used to go there a lot with my grandpa when we were kids. It's stunningly beautiful. Glad you had a nice time.

    Your boys are so scrumptious.

    Love your cute kiddos with the Romney sign. We need a BIG one for our front yard.

    The fair has the best food, but the fried stuff, I can't handle. They had fried Coca Cola when I was there last. Do they still have the Right to Life booth? I used to volunteer there yearly until I had my kids and it just became impossible to get away.


    1. I didn't see a Right to Life booth, but there were a lot of exhibitions we simply didn't have time to see, so it could have been there.


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