7 Quick Takes Friday - March 23, 2013

--- 1 ---

I had such an awesome day at the Phoenix Catholic Women's Conference last Saturday (March 16).

--- 2 ---

And not just because I got to spend the day with my gorgeous goddaughter, Monica, and her beautiful mother, Luisa.

--- 3 ---
And not just because I got to spend the day with Danya, Danya's mom, and Eli.

That's Eli the baby whisperer with Monica. You can see Danya's leg, and the gal in the pink sweater is Danya's mom.

--- 4 ---

And not just because I had an awesome confession. It was one of those where you end up crying, and the priest gives you a super-easy penance even though you feel like you should be in sackcloth and ashes for the next fifty years.

--- 5 ---

And not just because I remembered to bring along the crucifixes I bought for the kids' bedrooms and had them blessed by Bishop Navares.

--- 6 ---

It was also because I had the great privilege to listen to some awesome speakers, such as Renee Bondi, Fr. Paul Sullivan, Christine Accurso, and Melanie Pritchard, and fellowship with 649 other faith-filled Catholic women!

--- 7 ---

Christine Accurso, who is the director of the 1st Way Pregnancy Center here in Phoenix, shared a story that was wonderful. I think she said she'd had 5 miscarriages (+ 3 children on earth). She said that every morning she gave each of her saints in heaven a special prayer intention for the day - and I thought, "What a great idea!" So I've been asking Noel to pray for Pope Francis, and Chris to pray for all priests.

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  1. It was so lovely spending time with you and holding baby Monica was food for the soul!

  2. That idea for number 7 is excellent! I'm going to start asking Romeo Gerard to pray for the unborn, I think. Thank you for sharing that.


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