7 Quick Takes Saturday - September 28, 2013

--- 1 ---

No baby yet. I'm 38w4d today. Elanor was born at 39w0d and Violet at 40w3d, so I have a ways to go before declaring this my longest pregnancy, but it sure as heck FEELS like my longest pregnancy.

--- 2 ---

I had two bouts of prodromal labor last week - one on Sunday, one on Wednesday. On both days I was having contractions averaging about a minute long and 10 minutes apart for about 12 hours (around 10am-10pm). Some contractions were more painful than others, some were Braxton-Hicks. We gave our doula a text to let her know what was going on each time, but didn't head to the hospital or anything. Once I fell asleep, the contractions either stopped or were so mild that I slept through them. Since then, I've had sporadic Braxton Hicks but no more of the prodromal stuff, thank goodness.

--- 3 ---

I had an appointment on Friday and asked the midwife to do a cervical check, as I was curious to see if the prodromal labor had effected any changes. I'm still not dilated but I am mostly effaced. I was pleased that there was some progress, anyway. William was born two days after my midwife did a cervical check where she declared me not dilated or effaced at all, so I know the numbers don't necessarily mean anything. Still, mostly effaced means less work when labor finally does kick in for real.

--- 4 ---

After my appointment Collin and I went to the hospital to preregister, because the nurse gave us a heads up that they've completely changed the registration process since the last time I gave birth there. Apparently now everyone has to stop by the admitting desk on the first floor (or go through the ER, if it's before 5am or after 8pm) instead of going directly up to L&D in the 2nd floor, as was standard practice before if it was during business hours. Something to do with their new intake system. The lady we spoke with said that moms in labor were pushed to the front of the line, and moms in hard labor just had to give their name and birthdate before going to L&D. Still, seems like an unnecessary hoop to jump through to me.

When Gabe was born we did have to go through the ER, since it was around midnight. But with Violet it was around 9:30am so we went straight up to L&D, and she was born at 9:46am. If we'd had to go to the admitting desk first with her, she might have been born in the elevator or something. Hopefully we'll have more time with Tiebreaker!

--- 5 ---

In non-baby-related news (sort of), our washing machine is acting up. During the spin cycle it makes an unearthly rattling noise, like there are coins or screws or something under the barrel (and if I gently shake the barrel when the machine is off, I can hear rattling as well). It's shaking quite violently too. I've had off-balance loads before and this is markedly different. Collin tinkered around with it for a bit but nothing he tried worked, so we've scheduled a repairman to come on Monday morning.

We're afraid to use it in the meantime because if there is a bolt or something that's loose, we don't want to make the problem worse and possibly cause a flood or something. Dirty laundry is piling up, sigh.

On the other hand, scheduling a repairman for Monday pretty much guarantees that Tiebreaker will come this weekend, right? :)

--- 6 ---

Better get your guesses in while you can. I guessed today so I've already lost my own poll. :P

--- 7 ---

This morning, Gabriel lifted up my shirt, poked my belly, and said, "Baby all done!" From his mouth to God's ears...

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