7 Quick Takes Saturday - November 2, 2013

--- 1 ---

We've had a lot going on the last few weeks! I'll start most recently and work my way back.

--- 2 ---

William had his first T-ball game this morning!

He did really well and had a great time. His team name is the "Lansing Lugnuts." No, I have no clue how they come up with those names, but it could be worse. The opposing team this morning was the "Sand Gnats."

--- 3 ---

The kids had a blast at Halloween. William was a cowboy, Gabriel was a Cow Boy (heh), Elanor was Dorothy Gale, and Violet was, as she described, "a pwetty pwincess."

Peter and I stayed home to hand out candy, but he still got into the spirit of things in his mummy costume:

--- 4 ---

Kara's little Samuel was baptized last Sunday, and Collin and I were honored to be his godparents. Welcome to the Church, Samuel Francis!!

--- 5 ---

Peter was baptized last Saturday, and Kara and Kyle were his godparents! Originally we were thinking of waiting until Kara & Kyle got back from Eastern Europe (they left this morning, on their way to bring home their adopted son, "Colton") before having his baptism. Then, however, we started thinking about the fact that he was going under general anesthesia in a few weeks, when he has his tetonomy, and we decided it was better to get him baptized sooner rather than later. So we called the church and basically scheduled an "emergency" baptism, and thankfully Kara & Kyle were able to work it into their incredibly hectic schedules.

All the baptism pictures are on my father-in-law's camera and I haven't been able to get any copies yet, but here's a picture of Kara and Peter:

--- 6 ---

Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday. Due to a tight budget we probably won't do much - our plans right now involve putting the kids to bed early and renting a movie on iTunes. I'm sure popcorn and wine will be involved as well. My life is just so exciting. :)

--- 7 ---

As mentioned above, Kara and Kyle are on their way to Eastern Europe today to adopt their son!! Please pray that they have a safe and uneventful flight, and as smooth an experience as possible with all the adoption red tape.

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  1. Pretty much every year since I started having kids, I've celebrated my bday with a movie and AppleBees Curbside to Go. It works! :-) Happy birthday!


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