Happy Birthday, William!

Dear William, 

I can't believe it's been six years since your birth. I remember holding you in my arms several hours after you were born. It was the middle of the night, the lights were off, and your dad was snoozing on the couch in the hospital room. I couldn't sleep; I was still on a post-birth adrenaline high, and so enchanted with my new son.

I had secretly wanted a boy throughout my pregnancy but had convinced myself I was having a girl so I wouldn't be disappointed. When your dad announced, "It's a boy!" I couldn't believe that I was lucky enough to have a gorgeous daughter and now a beautiful son. You were our rainbow baby, conceived six months after we lost your brother or sister, Noel, to miscarriage. Your birth helped me heal.

You remain our smallest baby and our earliest baby. You were so tiny, all 6lbs 4oz of you, and once I realized my labor was "real" I was so scared you'd have to stay in the NICU since I was only 36 weeks along. But when the pediatrician came in to see you, he said, "He thinks he's full-term!" You were a champ at feeding and regulating your own temperature, so you got to come home with us two days later.

Today, you're a spunky six-year-old who loves Star Wars, Angry Birds, superheroes, T-ball, hunting, and going to school. 

You can read, work math problems, and you love playing games on the iPad (which you can work better than some adults!). You have a great sense of humor and keep us in stitches with your jokes and stories.

You're sweet and kind, and you have a compliment for everyone you meet. You're an awesome big brother to your younger siblings, and a great brother to your older sister, too. I'm so blessed to be your mom!


  1. I have a few wives for him!!!

    Those eyes kill me!

    I promise their grammar will be better than mind! Lmao I plan on teaching them haaaaaaaaa

  2. Omg! Dying at my grammar! Lol I'm on my phone! Cut me some slack!!! Internet has been down for weeks!! Lol


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