7 Quick Takes Friday - March 4, 2011

Thanks to Hallie for hosting.

1. Sad news; we lost our kitty. :( Last Thursday night I had to open the front door because the downstairs was a little smoky (I was broiling hamburgers and some fat dripped down into the oven), and we think she got out without us knowing it. On Sunday morning, I realized that I hadn't seen her around in a couple days. That's not very unusual, as she's very shy and quiet and likes to spend her days under our bed, but I went and hunted in all of her usual hiding places and couldn't find her. Collin went walking around the neighborhood calling for her, but no luck. She was wearing a collar and tag with our address and phone number, but we haven't heard anything. We called the city roadkill people and they didn't have any reports of dead animals in our neighborhood. We called the police, just to ask if they'd gotten any reports, and they said that chances were she was taken by a coyote or bobcat. (There have been sightings of both in our neck of the woods, especially coyotes.) *sob* I'm going to keep an eye on the local shelter websites and Craigslist just in case, and we're putting up flyers tonight, but I think our dear Belanna is gone for good.

This is my favorite picture of her (she would come and keep me company while I was nursing Elanor):

2. In happier news, some good friends celebrated the birth of their first child this morning! Her name, Erin Sophia, is as gorgeous as she is. I'm so happy for them. New life is always such a joyous reason to celebrate. I'm also pleased that our daughters almost share a birthday. :)

3. My grandma did a lovely thing for me this past week, and hired a maid service to come in and wash all my floors, and do some deep cleaning of our furniture and countertops. My downstairs is fairly sparkling! I love it! It's especially wonderful because...

4. We're throwing a birthday party for William and Violet this weekend and have invited lots of family and friends. It should be a fun time!

5. I can't believe my little Violet is turning ONE tomorrow! The day she was born is etched so clearly in my mind, it seems like it just happened yesterday. The time goes so fast.

6. My grandma leaves on Sunday. :( Her flight goes out at 7:15am in the airport 60 miles away, so we have to get up horrendously early to get to the airport on time. Ugh. If not for the fact that I have plans in that area of town that day, I'd just hire a shuttle service to take her.

7. I'm going to a good friend's wedding shower in Tempe on Sunday and am very much looking forward to it. It's at a Lebanese restaurant (her cultural background) and I've never been to one, so it should be a lot of fun!

Have a great weekend.

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  1. I'm so sorry about your cat. Ours runs away all the time but always comes back. I hope you find her.

    Your daughter is gorgeous. Just stunning. And, Lebanese food is delicious. You'll love it. I had a friend in college who is Lebanese and his mom would make these huge vats of food for family gatherings, and we'd always beg him to get some extra for us. It's incredible.


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