7 Quick Takes Friday - June 17, 2011

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. Quote of the Day: "I don't want a religion that accepts me for who I am. I know who I am and am unimpressed. I want a religion that calls me to be better than I am even as I resist it." ~ Matt Archbold from Creative Minority Report

2. Hello, second trimester! Some sources say 12 weeks is the beginning of the 2nd trimester, and others say 14, but no matter how you count it, I'm there, baby! (Fourteen weeks today.) The fatigue is a bit better but I'm still getting nausea from time to time -- had to take two Zofran on Tuesday, actually. Ugh. Here's hoping that dies down quickly.

3. We don't have any big plans for Father's Day... Collin might have too much homework for us to actually do any family activities together. :( Still, the kids and I have gifts for him and I'll probably cook a fancy supper (or we'll go out; he hasn't decided which he'd prefer) on Sunday. We'll also attend Mass, of course. We just received Inception via Netflix so maybe he and I will watch that on Saturday or Sunday after the kids are in bed.

4. I put on a maternity shirt this morning and was reminded of what seems to be the cardinal rule of maternity clothing: if a shirt is size XL, some manufacturers assume that the woman also has XXXXXXXL breasts. Thank goodness for Cami Secrets and safety pins.

5. Elanor has learned a new phrase: "But I didn't mean to!" She seems to think she can say it after being naughty and it excuses her from suffering the consequences of her actions. Not so, little girl, not so.

6. This made me chuckle:

7. Hey, did you know you can opt out of getting paper phone books? It's true!

Happy Friday!


  1. I really enjoyed Inception. It kind of messes with your head. It's a good movie.

  2. Great quote from Matt!

    Happy second trimester!!

    Also loved Inception, definitely watch it.

    Ahaha-- my parents didn't let many things slide either... good for you :)


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