7 Quick Takes Friday - August 26, 2011

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. 24 weeks today! Hello, viability! Not that I'm worried about an extremely premature birth, but it's nice to know that Baby's chances of surviving and thriving outside the womb, should something happen, are improving day by day.

2. Not to turn this into yet another ranty Quick Takes, but I'm peeved about two bits of news I got at my appointment on Tuesday. my next appointment at 27 weeks and change is the glucose test. They've changed the test so that now it's a TWO-hour wait instead of one hour, and I have to fast from midnight on. I'm not a very happy camper about that; it just seems so contrived. I had to schedule the appointment for 1pm due to my work schedule, so how is fasting for twelve hours and then drinking a super-sugary drink an accurate reflection of how my body processes glucose? Wouldn't it be more accurate for me to eat normally and then wolf down a couple Twix bars (yum), and THEN test my glucose level? I don't get it.

3. I also have to go in the following week (the week after my glucose test) to get the RhoGam shot. They can't do it at the same appointment as my glucose test, apparently, because my OB has a new policy that all patients have to have their blood drawn and sent to the (out-of-office) lab for confirmation of Rh- type before getting it. Which, for new patients, I understand. However, I was this same doctor's patient while pregnant with Violet (he delivered her, AND ordered both of the RhoGam shots I had during and after my pregnancy with her), and I really doubt that my blood type has changed from O- to something else in the last two years. It just seems like a waste of everyone's time and my insurance company's money.

4. Anyway, I know in the grand scheme of things there are a lot worse problems to have, but still. It's annoying. In other news, I finally took my first belly shot for this pregnancy a few days ago:

Here's hoping that I don't get mistaken for Shamu while at Sea World (ba dum bum ching!).

5. Babies "R" Us is having a trade-in sale! I'm thrilled because we hung on to Violet's old infant car seat hoping that they'd have one of these promotions eventually. Now we can get rid of her old one and buy a new car seat for the baby, with a decent discount attached. I'm thinking of maybe trading in the stroller too and just getting a whole new travel system... the stroller still works fine but it is getting kind of old and beat up (we've had it since 2004). I'll have to see what Collin wants to do, though.

6. We leave for our summer vacation one week from today! Woohoo! I'm ready for a break.

7. I can't think of anything else to write, so I'm going to post a commercial from YouTube that both Collin and I thoroughly enjoyed:


  1. You do NOT look like Shamu. You look great! Love baby bellies and I love your shirt.

    That's crap about the glucose test. Mine have always been an hour and that drink makes me black out. So much fun. :| I've had to do the 3 hour one before too. It's so horrible. Good luck on that :(

  2. You look lovely!

    Personally, I always opt out of the glucose test- it's ridiculous!!!

  3. You look beautiful! Great picture.

    Have fun on your vacation!! :)

  4. Oh, I adore that picture!!! To reach viability is such a wonderful place as a woman, it helps you feel better!

  5. #1: having had a preemie (29 weeks), i silently cheer whenever any of my friends pass the 24 week mark.

    #2: my doctor told me i could eat... but only bacon, eggs, straight fats. (a no-go for me -- egg allergy and no gallbladder preclude those.) it didn't matter because i could only tolerate the glucola for about 30 seconds before i threw it up... TWICE. i felt sorry for the poor lab techs who had to clean up the sink and bathroom and who were holding me up and holding my hair back.

  6. our doctor office does that as well hate waiting a week

  7. JoAnna,

    You look SO much better pregnant than I do. I hate to say that I'm embarrassed even to let the neighbors see me when I'm pregnant. I get so HUGE! And my stomach is not nicely rounded like yours. My stomach tend to look like I am carrying a missile inside of me, not a baby.

    Oh well!

  8. Becky - part of the reason I waited to long to take a belly pic is because I'm finally to the point where my belly doesn't look "lumpy" anymore! For most of this pregnancy I've looked fat instead of pregnant, and now I'm finally starting to look pregnant!


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