7 Quick Takes Friday - September 23, 2011

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. Collin and Violet had a good trip to ND. The flight there went well (apparently several other passengers commented on how good she was!); the flight back wasn't quite so good as Violet was tired and cranky but refusing sleep. However, they survived intact and even had a fun time. :)

Violet got to spend time with a lot of relatives, including Grandma Jan (my mom) with whom she hit it off really well:

2. I actually had a really productive weekend without a toddler around - go figure! - and got almost all the way caught up on laundry (we had a HUGE backlog; most if it, I'm sad to say, was on our bedroom floor). Collin was shocked and surprised when he walked into a sparkling clean bedroom on Monday night.

3. Oh, I don't think I talked about Elanor's latest stunt. About two weeks ago, she cut Violet's hair. As in, she cut off all of Violet's beautiful blond curls from the back of her head. I loved those curls so I was pretty upset. All things considered, it could have been worse -- she left the front and sides of her hair largely alone. We took Violet to Snip N Snap for Kids to repair the damage and the stylist was actually quite impressed at Elanor's skill; she said it was a good job for a six-year-old!

4. I remembered a funny story from Disneyland that I forgot to share last week. We encountered Alice and the Mad Hatter in Fantasyland, and stopped to get autographs. Elanor went right over to Alice and gave her a hug, and the Hatter said, "Tell your friend [meaning William] to come over too and we'll take a picture." Elanor looked at him and said, "He's not my friend; he's my brother." The crowd around us, including the characters, cracked up.

5. 40 Days for Life begins next week! I'm going to try to commit to praying at an AZ location once a week, probably Tuesday or Thursday afternoon at the Glendale location (specific day/time depends on my doctor appointments - I go every two weeks now). If any of you in the Phoenix area want to join me, let me know! It's nice to have company.

Speaking of 40 Days for Life, Jennifer Fulweiler wrote an excellent article for the National Catholic Register blog called "What I Learned From Praying in Front of an Abortion Clinic." I've written before about my experiences.

6. I did my glucose tolerance test (ugh) on Monday; haven't gotten the results yet but I assume they'd have called by now if they were abnormal. I had a regular appointment on Monday as well; the baby's heartbeat was 140bpm and my OB said, "That sounds like a happy baby." :) We also talked about my desire not to be induced in the extremely unlikely event that I go past 41 weeks (I never have before), and he's fine with that as long as I do twice-weekly non-stress tests to make sure the baby's okay.

I also reiterated my desire for an unmedicated childbirth with as few interventions as possible, and he's also fine with that (although he did ask me to head to the hospital a bit sooner this time around, as last time I arrived at the hospital fully dilated and ready to push, and he barely got there in time!). I heart my OB.

7. Collin and I are giving a talk on "Morals and Values in Marriage" for our parish's marriage prep program tonight. Please say a prayer for us!


  1. The marriage prep program is probably over by now, but saying a prayer anyway. God isn't bound by time. :)

    You are so calm about the hair cutting! I think I would've flipped!

  2. You look so much like your mom! I love that photo. I hope the talk was wonderful!!


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