7 Quick Takes Friday - October 7, 2011

--- 1 ---

30 weeks
today! Baby W. has been moving around and kicking like crazy lately. I think s/he's had hiccups a few times, too.

--- 2 ---

You know how I said last week that I was hoping things would settle down this week? Well, they did to a certain degree, but it looks like the next two weeks are going to be difficult. Thanks to the release of iCloud, Collin has to work mandatory overtime for the next two weeks in addition to being in the final weeks of his most challenging college course to date. I think he's going to emerge from his office for meals, bathroom breaks, and the occasional nap, but that's about it. *sigh*

--- 3 ---

Speaking of Apple, Steve Jobs will be missed. He was a brilliant man who impacted several different entire industries -- and his company treats their employees quite well to boot. Prayers for his soul, and for his family in their time of grief.

--- 4 ---

Speaking of Apple once again, Collin ordered my birthday/Christmas present this morning (a white one, 64GB - I thought I was getting a 32 GB one but he decided to go for broke).

So. Excited. It should arrive October 14!

--- 5 ---

I had an intensely painful charley horse at 2am this morning. Ow. I swear it hurt worse than labor contractions did.

I hate that particular pregnancy symptom. The weird thing is that Collin woke this morning with a bad charley horse too! Must've been a sympathy one.

--- 6 ---

I read a birth story earlier this week that simultaneously made me laugh and freaked me out. It's called, "Is That My Uterus in that Taurus?"

I think it freaked me out because I came uncomfortably close to having a similar birth story with Violet, and I'm nervous that my labor this time around might go even faster. I really don't want to give birth in the car if I can help it.

--- 7 ---

Potluck tonight for the marriage prep group. We're bringing Beer-Braised Kielbasa, mainly because I KNOW the kids will eat it.

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  1. Yay for your birthday present and 30 weeks!!

    Gatorade always helps prevent my Charlie horses when I'm pregnant. Those things are brutal!! I would have to wake up every night and punch myself where it was cramping to make it go away. >.<

    I'm always terrified of birthing in te car too. Once I transition, the baby is out, so I have to be really careful. Hope it all goes well with this bundle.

  2. Happy (early?) birthday!

    I hate charlie horses, they're just awful.

    That birth story was hilarious (except the part about being done having kids).

  3. Elizabeth - early; my birthday is 11/3 :)

  4. Admit it, the real reason you bringing beer-braised anything is to *encourage* your kids to sleep well tonight. ; )

    Ah I know all too well the pain associated with a busy spouse! Eck! I do hope these 2 weeks pass quickly for you both.


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