7 Quick Takes Friday - March 9, 2012

--- 1 ---

We had a good time celebrating William & Violet's birthdays at the zoo last Sunday. Some pictures:

Grandma Violet touched a stingray! I posted this picture to FB, and my brother commented, "Grandma won't even go outside if she hears their [sic] is a frog outside but she will touch a stingray. Haha."

Violet hanging out in the stroller.

We rented a wheelchair for Grandma Violet since it was a lot of walking, and these two monkeys tried to shanghai it whenever they could.

He was having fun!

--- 2 ---

Grandma flew back to ND yesterday morning. We miss her. :( I did get a nice picture of her and the kids the night before she left, though:

--- 3 ---

Anyone else a fan of The Hunger Games trilogy? I've wanted to write a review for ages but haven't found the time - but Fr. John Hollowell has kindly put my thoughts into words! See God in the Hunger Games (no spoilers, but he does talk about some plot points in vague terms).

--- 4 ---

Speaking of The Hunger Games, does anyone want to go to see the movie with me? Collin hasn't read the books so he won't want to go. The movie comes out March 23, and Gabe and I will be in Scottsdale already on March 24 for the Phoenix Catholic Women's Conference, so it wouldn't be too hard to meet up with anyone that evening to go to a showing.

--- 5 ---

A friend of mine on FB said the following, describing her sons' bedroom: "It's like the boy section of toys r us puked all over the land of Mordor." LOL!!! I know the feeling!

--- 6 ---

I get to see Kara this weekend! Yay! Say a prayer for her and her husband on Sunday!

--- 7 ---

Elanor's school sent this home earlier this week - someone took it at the Daddy-Daughter Dance they went to a few weeks ago. So precious!!

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