7 Quick Takes Friday - June 29, 2012

--- 1 ---

GREAT news on the job front. My company finally made the announcement they've been alluding to for over a month, which is that our largest client is buying a portion of the business -- specifically, the portion that I work on -- and moving it to their Tempe office. They've made job offers to about 10 of my co-workers, INCLUDING ME! In fact, I was one of the "key people" they really wanted to come on board since I'm already so knowledgeable about their documents, and have worked with their people a lot already.

Same rate of pay, MUCH BETTER benefits. They have merit raises every year, so I'll be eligible for a raise in January. My manager was also made an offer, so he'll still be my manager (he's awesome, so I'm thrilled)!

Commute is about the same, but they encourage telecommuting. The company has 5,000+ employees worldwide but my office will only have about 30. Oh, and they're letting me keep my service time, so in terms of benefits I'll already have 3.5 years in.

This is a HUGE improvement. I'm very sorry for the co-workers who didn't get offers but I'm so freaking happy. I'm going to get paid every other Friday through direct deposit! No more bouncing paychecks!

I start Monday but since I already had a vacation planned for this week (my dad is coming to visit; he flies in tonight!), I'm only working Monday (so I can do their orientation thing) and I'll have the rest of the week off.

Praise God!

--- 2 ---

Gabriel caught the bug that's been going around and was sick all day Sunday. Poor little guy was vomiting after every feeding. :( Here's a picture of my sick sweetie:

Thankfully it was a short-lived bug and he was fine the next day.

--- 3 ---

As I mentioned above, my dad flies in today! Hooray! He'll be here until July 6. I'm looking forward to spending quality time with him!

Collin offered to pick him up from the airport, but I said I might as well given I'll be in that area of town anyway. When my dear husband expressed concern that I'd have to wait around a few hours until my dad's plane comes in, I replied, "Oh, yes, it's going to be so difficult to have four hours all to myself with no kids around. Whatever shall I do?"

--- 4 ---

Have you checked out Bad Catholic's new venture, 1flesh.org, yet? If not, you should!

--- 5 ---

Terabytes of digital ink have been spilled about the ObamaCare decision, so I won't bother adding my $.02. I will say that I was thrilled with this announcement on the same day:

Venerable Bishop Sheen, pray for us!
--- 6 ---

Gabriel is 7 months old! Mommy celebrated by (finally) remembering to take a picture of him sportin' his trendy Bubble swag:

--- 7 ---

I got an update on Steven! Nicole Dewberry is overseas right now, and she spent some time with him! There's an update on him here, and she also sent me an e-mail that said,
He is very good! Just love him to pieces. Today we played together with a couple toys. He and the kids all look very good and are in good spirits. We are with them from 5 to 6 hours a day approx. Just praying and hoping to find a family for him and Lance. Lucas one of their buddies just had a family commit to adopt. AMEN! They are all such good boys that so long for a Mama and Papa gotta get the word out on them.

Steven, where are your mom and dad?? They must be out there somewhere!

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  1. Oh my gosh. You're kids are, as the too-hip hipsters say, TOTES PRESH.

    And Bishop Sheen declared venerable, yes! (But I believe the blackboard should read June).

  2. *Your not you're

    Hello, morning coffee

  3. Congratulations on #1 and I LOVE #4.....

  4. Okay your new employer is one of those rare gems that actually GETS that treating employees WELL will pay off for them (and everyone). Sheesh! I get so tired of employers who think that squeezing all the sanity out of their employees and keeping them on tight leashes is "good management." Congrats!!

    Gabriel is adorable! :) And of course, yay for all the other quick takes! (minus being sick, ugh).

  5. YAY for #1!

    So glad Gabriel is feeling better!

    Numbers 3 and 5 cracked me up.

    And woohoooooo for 4 and 7! You should post the new picture of Steven! He's so sweet! I have a feeling he'll have a family soon.

  6. That is great about your new job!!!

  7. Congrats on the great job news -- what a relief to have more stability. Praise God. :)


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