7 Quick Takes Saturday - September 29, 2012

--- 1 ---

Happy Feast of the Archangels, and happy feast day to my baby boy! I think we'll have angel hair pasta for supper to celebrate.

--- 2 ---

I need input! I'm planning a graduation reception/party for Collin on the day he goes through the University of Phoenix commencement ceremony (November 10). Any ideas for food, drinks, decor, etc.? I'm thinking a general gaming/poker theme. Any great party food that can be made ahead of time and frozen, or a cookbook with such recipes? Give me your ideas!

--- 3 ---

My mother and stepfather are flying down for Collin's graduation! Mom hasn't been here since early 2010 (she came a month or two before Violet was born) and my stepdad has never been to our house, so I'm very excited!

--- 4 ---

I signed up for FlockNote's "Read the Catechism in a Year" mailing list. What a cool idea for the Year of Faith!

--- 5 ---

I tried to get a picture of all 4 kids looking at the camera and smiling last weekend. This was the best of the lot. I love Gabriel's expression!

--- 6 ---

The fall 40 Days for Life campaign has started up again! Join in at a location near you!

--- 7 ---

I'm so thrilled that Kara and her family have been able to publicly announce that they are Nico's family!!! So happy and excited for them!

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  1. Your kiddos are so sweet. Love that picture.

    Have you thought of making a Pinterest board to plan the party food? That always helps me. I love cream cheese roll ups. They're always a hit. 7 layer dips, chips, all that good stuff too.

    I signed up for the Catechism too. Excited.

    Thank you for posting about my news! Squee!!

    1. Yes, I have a Pinterest board for ideas! http://pinterest.com/joanna47/party-ideas/ A lot of the stuff I find when I search is baby shower or little-kid-birthday related, though.

  2. I can't believe how big your baby is.......aaahhhhhh!

    I signed up to read catechism too... Can't wait for it to start. I hope I don't ignore the daily emails.

  3. Congrats to your hubby! How many guests are you expecting for the party?
    For food ideas, I always keep it simple - cater! For smaller get togethers, I usually get sandwich trays from Panera or Whole Foods. Or a ham tray from Honeybaked Ham. They will set you up with side salads, chips, etc. too, if you need those. Seems costly, but in the long run it saves a ton of stressing over a menu and prepping all the food.

    Otherwise, I crock pot everything from meatballs to soup. Fried chicken is easy, too. Get the huge chafing dishes and just keep it warm. My two cents anyway.

    Great pic of kiddos -

  4. Congrats to your hubby!
    Thanks for the link to the catechism in a year, what a good idea.


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