7 Quick Takes Friday - January 3, 2014

--- 1 ---

Happy New Year! 

--- 2 ---

Please pray for a special intention! St. Joseph the Worker would be a good person to hit up for prayers. ;)

--- 3 ---

We have a new member of our family! Introducing Katniss!

Instead of buying Christmas gifts for the kids this year, we decided to adopt a cat. We went to a North Phoenix branch of the Humane Society first, and while we saw some very sweet kitties there, none seemed like just the right fit for our family. The lady at the Humane Society suggested we try the Deer Valley PetSmart, which has an adoption facility run by Halo Animal Rescue. The Halo employee recommended two cats as being suited for a family with multiple small children, and we spent time with both of them. Our kitty, who was called Heidi Rae at the shelter, took our fancy right away. She wasn't fazed by the kids at all and played with them quite enthusiastically, and she wasn't aggressive in the slightest. The other kitty was nice, too, but she was a bit more afraid of the kids. So, we ended up adopting Heidi (and we promptly changed her name to Katniss on the way home). We've had her for less than a week and she's already fit into our family seamlessly. She's friendly, affectionate, and not at all bothered by toddlers running after her or the baby's fussing. The older two kids are learning how to keep her food dish filled and her litterbox clean (and they're doing a pretty good job so far).

--- 4 ---

My dad knocked Christmas gift-giving out of the park this year. He got me the Left-Hander's 2014 Desk Calendar, a Rollag Steam Thresher's Reunion Cookbook (we used to go to Rollag together every year), and a gift card to Barnes & Noble! I've already used the gift card to order some books, among them Pope Awesome by Cari Donaldson and The Catholics Next Door: Adventures in Imperfect Living.

--- 5 ---
Collin's gifts to me were awesome too -- I got The Official Narnia Cookbook on Kindle, and Geekpriest and The Complete Father Brown Mysteries Collection for iBook. I have so much to read now!

--- 6 ---

My patron saint for 2014, thanks to Jen Fulwiler's Saint Generator, is St. Isidore the Farmer. Among other things, he is the patron against the death of children. Gulp.

--- 7 ---

I've already pre-ordered my ticket for the Phoenix Catholic Women's Conference! This year's keynote speaker is Teresa Tomeo (yay!). Can't wait!

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  1. I just finished Pope Awesome a few hours ago. It's excellent!!

  2. Congratulations on the new addition to your family, very cute!

  3. Katniss - how adorable. :) Congrats on the new family addition. A tabby cat to boot. Did you know they carry the Mary's special blessing in the special "M" marking on their forehead? :) She's a cutie.

    Also dropped a prayer into St. Joseph's lap for your intention.

    Love the name of your blog, BTW. Absolutely LOVE it! :)


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