7 Quick Takes Friday - January 31, 2014

--- 1 ---

Collin's new job is going well! We're slowly adjusting to the new normal. It's both strange and wonderful to have him around in the evenings. He is thrilled to be programming, and to have a job where the work is both interesting and challenging (and doesn't involve disgruntled customers screaming at him 10 hours per day).

--- 2 ---

We've made an informal New Year's resolution to be more active as a family this year, so last weekend we hiked the Waterfall Trail at White Tank Mountain Regional Park (very close to our home). It's a two-mile hike, round trip, and beforehand we had a picnic at the little playground across the road from the trailhead. It was a fun day and not nearly as grueling as I thought it would be.

I carried Peter in the Beco Gemini the whole way!

--- 3 ---

So, Lent starts March 5 (Violet's 4th birthday!). I'm thinking of doing a meatless recipes link-up next week, probably on Wednesday. Anybody interested?

--- 4 ---

I've been listening to a quite a bit of iTunes Radio lately -- I made a station based on "Let It Go" by Idina Menzel (from Frozen - which is a TERRIFIC movie if you haven't seen it yet), and I'm loving it. Lots of Broadway showtunes, Disney songs, and other fun music. The other day this song came on and it brought back so many wonderful memories (my online friends and I were nuts about this song when I was in high school).

--- 5 ---

If you haven't seen the Full House guys sing Jimmy Fallon to sleep yet, please do! It's so adorable.

--- 6 ---

I bought my ticket for the Laugh4Hope event yesterday! Yay! It'll just be Peter and I, as we decided not to hire a babysitter given the late hour. Can't wait!

--- 7 ---

Nope, not even for the commercials.

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  1. I am dying to do that waterfall trail!! Maybe I'll take my mom and the kiddos this weekend. I'm glad I found you 'cause that's a great idea. Is the trailhead the White Tanks park entrance or is there a different spot further north?


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