7 Quick Takes Friday - May 16, 2014

--- 1 ---

I'm so excited! Collin and I are going on a date this weekend, COMPLETELY KID FREE! This has not happened since... I can't even remember, but probably before Peter was born. Maybe our wedding anniversary last year?

--- 2 ---

We are going to go see Journey on Sunday night at the Ak-Chin Pavilion, which is an outdoor amphitheater. The opening act is the Steve Miller Band. It's going to be so totally 80's. We'll probably go out to eat beforehand as well.

--- 3 ---

Our awesome friends Joe and Luisa are providing childcare, for which they will no doubt earn several years off of Purgatory.

--- 4 ---

On Monday, my mother is coming to visit! We haven't seen each other since Collin's college graduation in November 2012. I can't wait! I believe my aunt Sheri is coming with her as well. They fly in Monday afternoon and leave Friday morning, so I've taken Tuesday-Thursday off of work.

--- 5 ---

We are going camping on Memorial Day weekend. Collin put in for a tag to hunt elk this fall and he got it (!!) so he wants to scout the hunting area ahead of time. (His dad has put in for an elk tag for YEARS and has never gotten one, and here Collin gets one on his first try. Crazy, no?) We're not sure where we're camping yet, it depends on what the weather forecasts look like. It'll be our first camping trip with all five kids along, so... pray for us? Collin's dad and brother are coming with, so we'll have some extra hands to help out, at least.

--- 6 ---

Also next week, Peter has a follow-up orthopedic appointment at Phoenix Children's Hospital - I think we'll have to order bigger boots for his brace, as he's quickly growing out of the ones he has -- and William is having a kindergarten graduation ceremony.

Speaking of Peter, I took this video of him the other day. He's such a happy little guy! It makes me smile every time I watch it.

--- 7 ---

In case you missed it, I reviewed Jen Fulwiler's "Something Other Than God" yesterday.
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  1. We live in Arizona too and my husband (from NY where you don't have to "put in" for hunting tags) finally decided to starting putting in for elk in 2012...he was drawn his first time too, but his dates began 2 days after I would have my csection that year for our daughter, so...poor guy! Although I did try to encourage him to go because we know people who have been trying for 20 years!

    1. Collin was drawn for the weekend after Thanksgiving, which is PERFECT timing -- both of us have a four-day weekend off work. Both of his brothers and his dad are going as well, so it'll be a father-sons bonding trip as well as a hunting trip. :)


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