My SOTG Cocktail

I submitted a cocktail recipe for the Something Other Than God release party contest. I thought it turned out pretty well! (Not good enough to win, I'm guessing, but I was happy with the result.)

I'm sharing it here for anyone who might be interested.


fresh or frozen Strawberries, to taste (I used one strawberry cut into chunks for one serving)

4 oz Orange juice

1 shot Triple Sec

2 oz Ginger ale

Blend orange juice and strawberries in blender, or if you have a fancy-schmancy juicer you can put in enough oranges to make 4 oz of juice plus strawberries.

Yell at kids to stop fighting.

Pour shot of Triple Sec into shot glass. Contemplate downing it as baby starts screeching. Pour into glass instead.

Pick up baby with one hand. With other hand, pour OJ and strawberry mix into glass. 

Ask husband to deal with fighting kids.

Add ginger ale.

Stir with clean utensil, if you can find one. I used a plastic tube from a sippy cup that I found in the silverware drawer. 

Sit down and enjoy (garnish with strawberry or orange if desired). You'll mind the kids' screaming a lot less after you've had one. Or five.


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