In Remembrance

You never walked upon the earth,
But I remember you.
We couldn't celebrate your birth,
But I remember you.

We've never seen your little face,
But I remember you.
You're buried in a distant place,
But I remember you.

It's been eight years since you passed on,
But I remember you.
So many friends don't know you're gone,
But I remember you.

And if you'd lived, who would you be?
It must remain unknown.
But God has promised that we'll see
Our saint in heaven grown. 

I hold on to that hope each day
And pray that you will know
That even though I'm far away
Your mommy loves you so.

In loving memory of Noel Wahlund, lost to miscarriage 12/19/2006. 

1 comment:

  1. No words, sorry for you loss. I still miss mine, like it was yesterday.


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