7 Quick Takes Friday - August 17, 2012

--- 1 ---

Please pray for the family of Peter Benedict. He was born yesterday at 5:27pm EST and passed into the arms of Jesus a few hours later at 9:05pm. This was not unexpected as Peter had previously been diagnosed with anencephaly, but his family is grieving nonetheless. I know Peter's mommy from an online FB group, and she is such an amazing woman.

--- 2 ---

Back in May I posted about the song Child of My Heart by Sarah Hart and how strongly it resonated with me. I can't find the lyrics online anywhere so I took a few minutes to transcribe them.  

Child of My Heart 
by Sarah Hart 

This world was not for you to see 
My arms were not to hold you close to me 
But still I know you are child of my heart 

I weep for all we will not share 
for sweet memories that won't be there 
but even through this dark, child of my heart 

 I see you with the angels 
safe inside the arms of God 
I hear you rejoicing in heaven's love 
In Heaven's love 

Who on earth could fill this empty space 
for one's life can never be replaced 
and you are numbered like the stars 
child of my heart 

And I see you with the angels 
safe inside the arms of God 
And I hear you rejoicing in Heaven's love 
In Heaven's love 

I can't say how much you are missed 
Every day I imagine your sweet kiss 
But someday even this shall pass 
You will run into my arms at last 
I will know just who you are 
Child of my heart 

 Child of my heart

The last paragraph always makes me cry.
--- 3 ---

Today is the last day to enter the Catholic Sistas giveaway! Check it out!

--- 4 ---

Daisypath Graduation tickers

And not a moment too soon. We are both so anxious for him to have nights and weekends that aren't wholly dedicated to homework.

--- 5 ---

Speaking of my husband, he briefly stopped by a casino last night (long story). The first thing he did was put $10 into a Ghostbusters-themed slot machine. He hit a jackpot and got $80! Then he, being the intelligent man that he is, cashed out and left.

--- 6 ---

With another weekend comes another attempt to conquer the laundry pile. I can never get caught up -- mainly because I have no one to help field the kids while I try to get work accomplished (see #4). Have I mentioned how much I'm looking forward to having my husband back?

--- 7 ---

Ivan's story breaks my heart. He is running out of time! Why can't he get the care he needs?! Sigh. Poor little guy - I wish I could fly over and bring him back here.

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  1. So happy for you guys that Collin is almost done!! Yay!!!!

  2. Peter Benedicts story tears at my heart. My sister has just had a very difficult pregnancy filled with a lot of predictions that her baby would not live long after his birth. He has a condition where his brain is protruding through his facial features. Most babies with condition are aborted and so doctors don't know how to treat the ones who live. Miracle upon miracle, little Dominic survived and is nearing 2 months old now. He is living at home with his parents and 7 siblings; he's pampered and loved to death. His brain is still protruding through his face (but it's covered with a thin layer of skin which helps with infection), and his face is deformed. There's a lot of speculation on when to do his surgery, and cognitively, they don't know how he will develop. But he's alive! My sister and her husband are very grateful for his life.

    So I will pray for that family--my heart goes out to them.


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