7 Quick Takes Friday - August 24, 2012

--- 1 ---

My car hates me this week. On Wednesday, it wouldn't start. The battery was completely dead. (And no, we hadn't left the lights on or anything... it just picked that day to die.) So, we had to have it towed to the Nissan dealership to get a new battery installed.

This morning, I was backing out of the driveway and realized that something felt odd. I stopped the car, got out, and saw that the rear driver's side tire -- the same one that went out on the interstate a few weeks ago and had to be replaced -- was completely flat. I ended up having to take our minivan to work today (Collin walked the kids to daycare, and then he put the spare tire on and drove our car to the local Firestone). Turns out the tire had a screw in it.

What a pain.

--- 2 ---

William was sick for a full week. He started vomiting last Thursday, and yesterday was the first day since that time that he didn't throw up at any point during the day or night. Collin took him to the doctor earlier this week and was told it was a virus and we just had to let it run its course. Hopefully, it has...

--- 3 ---

I realize that The Hunger Games just came out on DVD (we bought it via iTunes the same day it came out), but really... are Hunger Games cakes/cupcakes really appropriate?

Collin saw this one at Wal-Mart.

I saw these at Fry's.

Quoth my husband: "May the odds be ever in your flavor!"

--- 4 ---

Muffin Pan Pizza has been a HUGE hit in our home. Elanor asks me to make it almost every night! (I don't, but that doesn't stop her from asking...) I found a pizza dough recipe that uses quick-rise yeast, so it's actually something I can whip up at night after I get home from work. (I usually have some dough left over and use it to make breadsticks. Yum!)

--- 5 ---

My silly monsters.

--- 6 ---

I ordered the above from Rae's Gifts on Etsy (Rhiannon is giving 20% of her August sales profit to Reece's Rainbow!) and I absolutely LOVE it. Do you want one, too? See below....

--- 7 ---

Rhiannon has donated one of her gorgeous Family Name Prints to Andrew's Facebook Auction! Go bid now, and take a look at what else there is to offer!

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  1. Car trouble is so frustrating. :(

    I love your family sign. So pretty.

  2. I love your family sign! I went to her shop--how can she have such few sales when she's been open for a year??? I put her to my favorites--will definitely remember her when it's time for Christmas. Thanks for mentioning her!

  3. I love this Quick Takes! And, I am so glad Rhi added religious prints to her shop… You were the catalyst for that, I hear! YAY!


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