7 Quick Takes Friday - January 18, 2013

--- 1 ---

Elanor turned eight years old on Sunday (January 13)! It seems like just a short time ago she was born (but at the same time, it seems like a hundred years ago).

The days are long, but the years are short.

--- 2 ---

Her favorite gift was a set of dollhouse furniture from my mom. Specifically, she got a nursery set! Her baby girl doll approved:

--- 3 ---

For her birthday, she wanted to go to the local library/nature center, so that's what we did last Saturday. She got to see the snakes being fed (ew ew ew), and we told her we'd buy her any stuffed animal she liked from the gift shop. She picked out a mama mountain goat and a baby mountain goat. Afterwards, we went to Dillon's BBQ at the local zoo to eat, and were seated right next to the shark tank!

--- 4 ---

Daddy had to work on her actual birthday, so we spent the day running errands. We went to Kohl's so she could spend a Christmas gift card, and she bought a Princess Belle doll. The older three got haircuts, and both Gabriel and Violet had a ton of fun playing in the toy kitchen while waiting for Elanor and William to get done:

--- 5 ---

Later that evening, I made Muffin Pan Pizza for supper, at Elanor's request. (When I first asked her what she wanted for her birthday supper, do you know what she said? Ramen noodles. I managed to persuade her to go with something a little less ghetto.)

I made her a cake using my new Bundt pan, and it turned out very well! I love this pan! She picked out the cake mix herself, Fudge Truffle, and it was delicious.

--- 6 ---

Gabriel has figured out how to climb. God help me. He especially likes to climb up onto this child-size rocking chair we have, and he finds it hilarious to give me a heart attack by rocking it back and forth as hard as he can until I can run over and lift him down. I might have to put the chair into the garage until he realizes that falling backwards and smacking his head against the tile (he hasn't done it yet, thankfully) wouldn't be a great idea.

--- 7 ---

This was on my The Argyle Sweater desktop calendar the other day. Heh.

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  1. That is a cool cake! Happy Birthday, birthday girl :). Your "I managed to persuade her to go with something a little less ghetto" made me laugh out loud!

  2. Amelia wanted ramen for her birthday too. Silly kids. Glad she had a nice day!!


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