There Must Be Some Mistake

I went to vote in the Sheenazing awards, over at A Knotted Life.

I saw that my blog -- MY BLOG -- was nominated for one of the categories.

Specifically, the Smartest Blog category.

All I can think is that it must be some sort of mistake. Maybe I was nominated for "Least Updated" Blog or "Most Banal and Uninteresting Quick Takes" Blog or "Occasionally Goes off on Long-Winded Rants" Blog or "Spends Too Much Time on Facebook and Not Enough Time Blogging" Blog, and somehow got stuck in the wrong category.

Anyway, go vote (and not necessarily for me, because every single other blog in that category blows me out of the water).


  1. Woooohooooo!!!! And no mistake - totally deserving!!!

  2. I voted for you Joanna! You definitely deserve to win that one!

  3. You scare me as the competition. You are ten times smarter than me, which is why I don't want anyone to know you are on the list. Drat, now you told everyone!!

    1. See what I mean?? That should have been "…smarter than I…" !!!


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