2013 in 13 Photos

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We found out that a new member of the family was on his/her way...


After a tumultuous few weeks of scary bleeding, we saw our new family member, alive and growing...


Papal conclave! So exciting!


We announced our baby's upcoming arrival to our families on Easter Sunday


We found out that the baby had bilateral clubfoot - tears, fear, and research ensued


The baby's bilateral clubfoot was confirmed at a Level II ultrasound


We vacationed in Rocky Point, Mexico


Elanor started 3rd grade and William started kindergarten!

Baby grew, and so did I...


Peter David was born on 10/7/13, weighing in at 9lbs, 0oz! Definitely the highlight of our year.


Peter continued treatment for his bilateral clubfoot, including minor surgery on November 22.


Peter finished casting and got his brace, and we celebrated his first Christmas!

Happy New Year from the Wahlunds!

7 Quick Takes Friday - December 27, 2013

--- 1 ---

Miracle of miracles, I have time for Quick Takes today! It's been a while. I'm still gonna throw up a bunch of pictures and call it good, since that's how I roll. ;)

--- 2 ---

Peter got his last set of casts off on December 12 and received his boots and bar brace.

He hated it for the first few days, but quickly adjusted and is back to his happy self. After a rough couple of nights, he's sleeping better, too.

We're getting used to the brace, too. Collin and I are getting pretty adept at doing up all the buckles, and snapping his bar off and on when needed. I've started using the Beco Gemini carrier as it's easier to use with the boots and bar than the Baby K'Tan.

--- 3 ---

Peter smiles and coos a lot now, and it's so much fun! He had his 2 month appointment a few weeks ago (he's 12 lbs, 9 oz!) and was flirting like crazy with the nurse.

--- 4 ---

Christmas was a lot of fun. My MIL invited Santa to come! He handed out gifts and read "A Visit from St. Nicholas" to the kids.

The Christmas birthday boys (my BIL Chaun and Collin, both born on December 24 - five years apart) took a picture with Santa too!

--- 5 ---

Christmas outfit!

--- 6 ---


Peter's favorite gift was a soft Snoopy doll - a gift from his uncle Chaun and aunt Keri.

Gabriel enjoyed the novelty glasses (and the caramel Santa!) in his stocking.

--- 7 ---

Our living room, decorated for Christmas. Which I finally did around midnight on Christmas Eve. *sigh* The life of a busy mom (not to mention a sick one - I got a very annoying head cold the week before Christmas, ugh).

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Merry Christmas!

(Tried posting this yesterday, from my phone, but it didn't work...)

A blessed Christmas from our holy family to yours!

Back to Work

I went back to work yesterday and Peter did great at his first day of daycare. He was a little clingy last night, but that's okay because all I wanted to do was hold him. I missed my sweet boy!

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