7 Quick Takes Friday - May 18, 2012

--- 1 ---

Happy (belated) Syttende Mai from this Norwegian gal!

--- 2 ---

Two recent "William-isms": We won a pan of bakalava at the Baking Malcolm Home event. Upon tasting it, William declared that it was "crunchy-licious!"

Whenever he's stalling (for example, at bedtime), he pretends to gasp for breath and says, "Mommy, my breath is out!"

--- 3 ---

I'm not a happy camper today. I was supposed to get paid on the 16th, but as of yet, no paycheck is forthcoming. Upper management claims "funding issues" and keeps making promises that don't pan out. According to state regulations, they have until the 22nd to pay me for the May 1-May 15 pay period or else they're in violation of the law. It's a stressful situation and not too great for our finances.

--- 4 ---

On that note, anyone need an editor/proofreader/document conversion specialist/freelance writer?

--- 5 ---

In happier employment news, Collin was selected to be trained as a backup manager! (Meaning, he'll fill in for managers who have had to call in sick or are on vacation or whatever.) This is BIG, and could possibly be the key to a permanent management position at Apple down the road (which he'll qualify for once he gets his degree). I'm so proud of him!

--- 6 ---

We're going to the Four Corners area this weekend (Sunday-Monday) to see the solar eclipse. Collin brought special glasses and everything, and MIL is coming with us as well. I hope it's not cloudy!

--- 7 ---

I'll end with a (rare) pic of all 4 kids together, taken while they were watching The Sound of Music.

The Sound of Music has become Elanor's favorite movie (which causes me no end of delight, since it's one of my all-time favorites, too). She was singing "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" before bed last night.

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  1. Wanna hear something funny? Months before I had that massive heart attack, my kids were addicted to the soundtrack of the Sound of Music, particularly my oldest, Max, who has mild autism and likes to hear the same thing over and over. EVERY DAY we listened to "Doe a Deer" so many times, that I became almost nauseated when I heard it. I was sick.of.it.

    Then the heart attack happened and I had lasped back into a coma and wouldn't wake up. My Mom remembered how I heard this song every day and wanted to play it in the room for me in hopes that I would be so irritated with the song that I would wake up. Thankfully, everyone vetoed that suggestion and she was voted out. I'm glad because, really, how embarrassing would that be? I'm pretty sure it would have made me stay in the coma anyway!

    Cute picture!

  2. I am so angry for you abotu your paycheck. I know how it is to struggle financially and I can not even imagine working for free like that. Praying for you.

    I love you more every day!! I looooove the Sound of Music. My kids have seen it tons of times, and since my friend is a nun, they love watching it and talking about her.

    Yay for Collin's job stuff! Maybe the Lord is pushing you to stay home and helping you achieve that sooner than you expected??


    1. If Collin does become a manager, it's several months down the road... I'm not sure if we can swing me being a SAHM right at this moment. :( I don't know... still trying to discern God's will in all of this right now.


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