7 Quick Takes Friday - May 25, 2012

--- 1 ---

I still haven't been paid. As of June 1, it'll be a total of two paychecks that have been withheld. The company keeps asking us to "trust them" and promises they're working on it. I told the president of the company to his face that he hadn't given us any reason to trust him. And yes, I'm looking for another job, but there's not a lot out there. I can't make less than I'm making now (full-time), otherwise we'd just be paying for daycare and there's no point in that. Sigh. Lots of stress around here lately, especially now that our income has been slashed. We JUST paid off all of our credit card debt (for the first time ever) a few weeks ago, but now we've had to use our credit cards just to buy groceries. 
--- 2 ---

I also told the president of the company that they might as well lay me off, because I couldn't continue working -- if I can't pay my daycare, I can't work. Instead of laying me off, he gave me permission to work from home indefinitely until "the situation is resolved." My productivity has tanked -- trying to work 8 full hours while simultaneously caring for four young children is not easy -- but that's their problem, not mine. 
--- 3 ---

I'm mad as hell that we had to pull the kids out of their current (fantastic) daycare. Assuming I do start getting paid again, if their slots have filled we'll have to find another new daycare. I know our providers were devastated as well -- not only will they miss our kids, but we're half their income, and I feel terrible that we weren't able to give them much notice. Gah. It's just a sucky situation all around. 
--- 4 ---

Violet was sick earlier this week (she was whinier than usual during our trip up north, which manifested in a nasty bout of the flu on Tuesday) but is dong much better. Collin came down with what she had yesterday, though. Ugh. On the up side, he seems to be feeling better today. 
--- 5 ---
Here are some shots from our trip up north to watch the eclipse:
Hamming it up while watching the eclipse.
--- 6 ---

Elanor wasn't thrilled with the glasses, but she thought the eclipse itself was cool.

--- 7 ---

The painted desert.

This is where we watched the eclipse, and we visited the park more the next day. Lots of great museums and hiking trails!

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  1. I am so sorry about this mess with work. That has got to be unbelievably stressful. :(

  2. 1 - :(

    2 - :(

    3 - :(

    4 - :(

    5 - That picture is hilarious

    6 - <3

    7 - I want to go there.

  3. I'll be praying for your work situation. That sounds really difficult!

  4. That is really cruddy....how about part-time weekend or evening work that you would not have to use daycare for? I know another FT job in your area of expertise and training would be best but I know that I could KEEP more money in my pocket waitressing a few evenings/on the weekend than working FT and paying for childcare...

    think outside the box babe! you rock!

    Carla - Henry's mom

  5. holy cow! how does that happen that a company doesn't pay you, yet they still have you and others to work for them?!? Is it a glitch? or are they bankrupt and can't pay you? (sorry if you answered these questions elsewhere)

    I will add you guys to our prayer list!

    1. All they've told us is that it's a "funding issue" and they're trying to resolve it ASAP. They've assured us that there is a potential solution, and that they're not going to declare bankruptcy or have massive layoffs. But no solution is as of yet forthcoming, so... no one's sure what to believe at this point.

    2. And most people (including me) are hesitant to resign because that could jeopardize our chances of getting unemployment. But if I don't have the money I'm owed by this Friday, I might have to do it anyway and take my chances.

  6. Oh dear! This is a right pickle...I hope this week will be better and things get resolved.


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