Why I Cried on My Way to Work This Morning

This morning, during my commute, I listened to the latest episode of one of my favorite podcasts, Among Women. The featured guest was musician Sarah Hart, and one of the songs played on the podcast moved me to tears. It's called "Child of My Heart," and she wrote it for a friend who had suffered a second-trimester miscarriage. You can listen to the entire song on the podcast.

I can't find the lyrics online at the moment, but let me assure you - this song will deeply resonate with any woman who has lost a child to miscarriage. 

I'm definitely adding Sarah Hart's music to my iTunes library. She has a rare and wonderful talent, both as a musician and as a songwriter. I loved every single song featured on the podcast.

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  1. I can't play this on my computer for some reason but I'll check it out on YouTube later. I know from lots of experience just how beneficial songs like this are for mothers who have miscarried, if for no other reason that they trigger healing tears.


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