7 Quick Takes Friday

Thanks, as always, to Jen.

1. My sunburn is much better, thanks to the vinegar. I put it in a spray bottle and misted it over my legs. It helped the pain, and I've never had a sunburn fade so fast. We did have a wonderful time at the waterpark despite the burning (and neither of the kids got burned, thank goodness).

2. Collin and I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. We don't have any big plans for the day, but Collin's mom gave us a $20 gift certificate to her favorite restaurant and offered free babysitting as well. I think we'll go on Thursday night. If we manage a movie, I'd love to see Ponyo.

3. I'm in my second-to-least favorite part of pregnancy -- the early second trimester where the m/s is gone but I still don't feel movement. I'm always so paranoid that something will go wrong and I won't know. I wish I had a doppler, but it's an unnecessary expense right now. My next appointment is Sept. 18 and I'm anxious.

4. I'm craving a tuna Subway sub today, so I think that's what I'll do for lunch. Tuna, cheddar, spinach and mayo toasted on honey oat bread... Mmmmmmmmm.

5. Still no word on the house situation; we're still waiting for the owner's bank to respond. In the meantime we'll start looking at more houses next week. Collin will look on his days off and only have me and the kids look if he thinks it's a strong possibility. It'll be slightly less exhausting that way.

6. Collin's bosses suddenly realized that his new schedule required him to work 10 days in a row, and arranged it so he has tomorrow off instead of next Thursday. So we'll have tomorrow together and we can go to church (and probably reconciliation). He has to work overtime tonight, though, since Apple just released a new OS.

7. My house is a mess. Collin keeps saying he'll clean it on his days off, but in the meantime the mess keeps growing. I hate the thought of cleaning on one of the few days we have off together, but the mess is really driving me crazy and I'm too tired to clean most weeknights.

Sorry this post is a bit of a downer, but it's been a long, tiring week.


  1. I think you get some slack being pregnant, right? I'm sure your husband would agree.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Said a Hail Mary for you ...


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