7 Quick Takes Friday

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. My lunch today is warm mini pita bread rounds (from Trader Joe's) and roasted garlic hummus (also from Trader Joe's). Mmmmmmmm.

2. Collin and I are big garlic fans. Once, when we were in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we ate at a restaurant called Gilroy's. It's named after Gilroy, CA where something like 90% of the country's garlic is produced. I don't know if the restaurant still exists (it was November 2004 when we ate there), but it was incredible. Everything on the menu, from wine to dessert, incorporated garlic somehow. Our appetizer was whole roasted garlic cloves in olive oil. We spread it on French bread and it was marvelous.

I had a craving for that appetizer last week, probably because I had a bad cold (and garlic can help relieve cold symptoms), so I decided to try and replicate it. I've always been hesitant about roasting garlic; it seemed to me that it was a complicated process. However, I found it to be quite simple and easy. I used the instructions (with video!) at WikiHow and found it to be a much simpler process than I'd envisioned. The roasting garlic made the house smell wonderful. As a bonus, we finally were able to use the garlic press we received as a wedding gift (nine years ago!) but have never used. My only regret is that I never tried doing it sooner.

I plan to roast some more garlic this weekend, and I think I'll also try my hand at making homemade French bread (in my breadmaker) instead of store-bought.

3. 40 Days for Life has started up again. The nearest prayer location to my house is 40 minutes away but I think that's still closer than last year's location. I'll try to make it out there to pray a few times. I'm thinking about getting up an hour earlier and going to pray one morning a week, since it's sort of on my way to work (it's a bit of a detour, but not too bad). That way I wouldn't have to bring the kids with me (it's not that I don't want to expose them to pro-life work, more that I'm worried about their safety after what happened to Jim Pouillon). However, that would mean getting up around 4am (if not earlier), and it's hard enough getting up at 5am the way it is. I'll have to think about it more.

4. Richard Dawkins frustrates me. I read an article he wrote about the Pope, and I couldn't believe how rife it was with ignorance. (I hope it's ignorance and not deliberate lying, at any rate.) I understand that he is an atheist and does not believe in God or in Christianity, or in Catholicism for that matter. That's fine; he's entitled to his own beliefs and opinions. All I ask is that if he's going to attack Catholic beliefs, he should attack what Catholicism actually teaches instead of what he thinks it teaches. All that article did was build up a straw man and knock it back down. How does that educate anyone? It just promotes ignorance, and I thought that he, as an atheist, decried ignorance. Shouldn't he make the effort to learn not only what the Church teaches but why it teaches what it does so he could better repudiate it?

5. I love my Latin class (Learning Latin Through the Rosary) so far. The professor is captivating and dynamic and makes the material quite interesting. We've already learned the Sign of the Cross and the Hail Mary, and have started the Glory Be. One of the best parts about the class is that it's held the same day that the church has 5:00pm Confession and 5:30pm daily Mass, so I can attend both of those as well. It's a nice little oasis of peace for me in the midst of a busy week.

6. Elanor has a school project due on the 30th that involves making a family tree. I think we'll make a Christmas tree. We can cut it out of cardboard and use wrapping paper to decorate it, and use paper ornaments for everyone's name. I think I'm more excited about this project than she is. :P

7. I'm happy to say that work has finally calmed down somewhat; at the very least, I feel like my head is above water for the first time since July. I don't need to do overtime this weekend (yay!) for a change. Maybe I can actually get some housework done.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I've been to Gilroy, CA. They entire city smells of garlic. Which is both lively and detestable.


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