7 Quick Takes Friday - December 31, 2010

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. Collin's brother, his wife, and their son are in town, and we're having lunch today at an Ethiopian restaurant. I've never met their son, nor have I ever had Ethiopian, and I'm looking forward to both experiences.

2. We're also utilizing one of our Christmas gifts today -- Collin & I are meeting with a lawyer to draw up our wills, courtesy of my father-in-law. A very practical gift, and something we've been meaning to do for a while now.

3. This nasty cold is still hanging on, although I do feel better than I did. The other two kids are pretty well recovered but Violet's still coughing, poor thing. I hope we can rest up this weekend and kick this bug.

4. One of my favorite Christmas gifts that we received this year was a family bible, courtesy of my mother-in-law. It's the first hardcover Bible we've ever owned; what a treasure! I absolutely love it. The illustrations are stunning.

5. The kids had a great Christmas; Elanor got everything on her list, including a Jessie doll, a Pinkalicious doll, Goldalicious, and a Rapunzel Barbie. William got a Buzz Lightyear and his own Pillow Pet. Violet got a lot of fun stuff too, including a book called Violet Goes to the Country and a My Pal Violet.

6. My only resolution this New Year is go get back on the weight loss wagon. I kind of abandoned the whole effort around the holidays, although I didn't go completely nuts.

7. We have no plans tonight; we'll probably just hang out and watch a movie. Such is life with small children. ;) Happy New Year and a blessed 2011 to everyone!

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  1. How did you like the restaurant? My brother said there is an Ethiopian custom to "gersha" (not sure how that is spelled) -- to feed others at the table. I'd be interested to know if you had this experience as well!

    #7. We're totally with you. However, we're putting the kids to bed in a few minutes here, and are going to watch 'A Christmas Carol' - the Jim Carey version - which we haven't seen yet! The kids are too scared to watch it with us.

    God bless you - glad to read about your saved Disney trip - sounded like a blast!


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