7 Quick Takes Friday - Jan 14, 2011

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. First I was sick, then the kids were all sick, then Collin was sick, and now Elanor's sick again. Can we get a break??

2. My work has implemented more flexible scheduling, a Godsend considering the above. In exchange we're all pitching in to do a bit more overtime, but that's a fair trade-off -- especially if it leads to even more flexible scheduling (e.g., being able to work from home a few days per week).

3. I think I'm ready to bite the bullet and get one of those automatic litter boxes. I just keep forgetting to clean the cat's until it's too late and she's gone ahead and pooped on our carpet. (Bad of me, I know...) I'm thinking of this one, if I can convince Collin to spend that much on a litter box.

4. I can't wait to get and read Unplanned! I'll probably order it on Monday, when I get paid.

5. We're also planning on going to the Phoenix March for Life Rally on the same Sunday my grandma arrives (convenient, as we need to go to that part of town that evening to pick her up from the airport).

6. Re: the above, my grandma Violet arrives for her annual winter visit next week! I can't wait!! The challenge will be getting the house clean before she gets here, especially with sick kids. Our Lady of Perpetual Laundry, pray for me... ;)

7. Uh oh, baby's crying, better end it with my favorite picture from Disneyland:

Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. You are a very joyful person with all the sickness and company coming! Cheers! Love your picture too!


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