7 Quick Takes Friday - March 11, 2011

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. Violet's birthday party was a lot of fun. She thoroughly enjoyed her birthday cupcake. I can't believe my baby girl is one year old! She is pulling herself up on everything and she'll be walking before I know it.

2. My grandmother left on Monday instead of Sunday. Why? Because I didn't get her to the airport on time and she missed her flight. *facepalm* There was a road closure I didn't know about so it took us longer to get there, and we were running late in the first place because it was hard for me to get my butt moving at 4:30am.

I felt terrible and offered to pay for her new ticket, but she said she'd take it out of my inheritance. Luckily she was able to stay with her sister-in-law (who lives 15 miles from the airport) overnight so she didn't have to get a hotel room.

3. I ended up going to mass at a church in Mesa, and the homilist was a guest priest from the Phoenix Cathedral. His homily was fantastic, and exactly what I needed to hear that morning. I wouldn't have attended that particular church (just down the street from my grandmother's sister-in-law's place) at that particular time if my grandma had made it to the airport when she should have, so perhaps there was a higher purpose in that situation.

4. My co-worker's wedding shower was a lot of fun. I'm going to miss her so much when she moves away at the end of March (her fiance lives in the Detroit metro area, which is where they are getting married). It was nice to have some "girl time" without the kids around, and the food was amazing. I need to take Collin there sometime! Actually, the restaurant is quite close to the Phoenix Zoo and the Desert Botanical Gardens, both of which we keep meaning to visit and never have, so we may make a Sunday outing of it one of these days. We may attend Mass at the Cathedral as well (again, something we've always wanted to do but haven't yet done).

5. For Lent, I'm giving up Facebook and Twitter. At first I was planning on giving up something else, but then I realized that my reluctance to give up my social networking was a sign that I was probably too invested in it and should step back for a time. Plus, God kept giving me little "hints" (such as the homily in item #3) about what I should be giving up. My husband was very impressed when I told him what I was giving up, because he knows what a Facebook junkie I am.

6. Collin is planning on giving up desserts of any kind for Lent. That is HUGE for him as we both have a significant sweet tooth. I'm very proud of him for making that sacrifice and have promised not to make any yummy desserts until Easter. I better hurry up and eat all the cookie dough in the freezer so as not to tempt him... aren't I a supportive wife??

7. In addition to giving up FB and Twitter, I'm making a committment to do more religious reading and less "fluff" reading. I'm also jumping back on the weight loss bandwagon -- I've gotten away from counting calories in the last few months and as a result I've gained back all the weight I lost last fall. :( I figured Lent is a good time to recommitting to a more healthier me -- hopefully I can keep it up past Easter as well! (That being said, I suppose eating the cookie dough in the freezer is probably not a good idea, either. Darn.)

Bonus #8 - My dad is going to visit for Easter! Yay!

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