Are You in the Market for a Headcovering?

Please do NOT purchase from the seller "Garlands of Grace." The owner made some very anti-Catholic comments on her Facebook page this morning.

It's On My To-Do List has the full scoop, including a list of Catholic businesses who sell headcoverings to shop at in lieu of Garlands of Grace.

I bought a snood from Cammie at A Snood for All Seasons and I love it, so I can give my enthusiastic recommendation for her shop!


  1. Saw your blog link on fb. I loved your comment on the GoG's page and decided to check out your blog! I LOVE it!!! I won't be buying from her anymore!! :)


  2. So tired of the anti-catholicism in this world. Educate yourselves before spewing nonsense, people! What a shame.

  3. I am a high-church Anglican (Episcopalian) and was horrified by GoG's comments. I feel a very close connection between my faith and that of my Catholic siblings in Christ, so anti-Catholic attitudes really frustrate me. It may not be my particular faith path but it is an equally beautiful and Heaven-pleasing one :)

    Your blog is beautiful, by the way! I too am hugely inspired by Mary.

    1. Thank you, Jade! The blog design is by Kreated by Kelsey; she does excellent work.

      I have deep respect and love for my Anglican brothers and sisters who are struggling to hold fast to their authentic faith. I'm also a HUGE fan of C.S. Lewis!

      God bless you.

  4. I am an ex-Anglican. Beautiful faith, I just always felt something was missing. I was baptized as a baby Roman Catholic and I guess God always wanted me to come back to my roots. I love my Anglican brothers and sisters. :)


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