Hilary Rosen says...

"I admire women who can stay home and raise their kids full-time. I even envy them sometimes. It is a wonderful luxury to have the choice. But let's stipulate that it is NOT a choice that most women have in America today." - source

Um, Hilary? What about the women who WANT to work outside the home but CAN'T because what they'd pay in daycare is more than they'd make as a salary? Or because illness (either their own, or a child's) or logistics (e.g., only one car and no jobs within biking/walking distance, in a city without reliable public transportation) makes it impossible? Realistically, sometimes being a stay-at-home-parent ISN'T really a choice.

Why not just admit that all mothers work hard regardless, and that every woman should be credited for doing what's best for her family?

And the first sentence of that paragraph is B.S. Let's look at the logic of your original statement:

"Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life."

Premise 1: Ann Romney has never worked.
Premise 2: Ann Romney raised 5 kids.
Conclusion: Raising 5 kids isn't work.


So either you were lying when you said Ann Romney has never worked, or you're lying in the HuffPo article. I think you're a liar no matter what, frankly, and your attitude is a disgrace to mothers and women everywhere.


  1. Ha, I started out a stay-at-home mom because I got laid off the day I returned from maternity leave! I am glad I got that time now, but there was very little choice involved, and that money was sorely missed (hi, student loans!!) Now I am job searching again and I have yet to find anything that matches my skill set, offers flexibility I need as a mom, or pays enough to cover childcare costs if I even had a really nice relative who would babysit.

  2. I swear to God if I hear that being a stay at home mother is a privilege one more time I will rip someones head off.

    I seriously am not in the mood to deal with choices other people make and try to make SAHM feel privileged. Do not get me started. :)

    I should probably back away from the computer before I explode.

  3. J, I agree. Women should be supported and praised for doing what is best for their families, regardless of whether that's working or staying home.

    I shared that link with my SIL who has 5 boys (ages 2 to 9, one with special needs), and this was her response:
    (I had made the comment that Hilary Rosen couldn't handle one day in my SIL's shoes)--
    "No kidding. Especially on a day in the summer when all the boys are home, and Andy has Occupational Therapy, then it is to hot for the boys to play outside so they fight all afternoon, and that keeps Will from napping so he is a huge grouch and cries everytime I put him down. Then the boys have back to back baseball games and I have get everyone ready and fed to meet DH at the ball park by 5:30 then we don't get home til almost 10 and the house looks like a hurricane hit it. She'd never make it. :)"

    Nope...doesn't sound like work to me at all...not a bit....hopefully everyone can detect my dripping sarcasm.....Sew's right, I need to get off FB and blogs before I explode too!!

  4. She is so full of crap and a total liar. Trying to save face after running her fat mouth. SO ANNOYED.

  5. I think lying and speaking thoughtlessly are two different things. I'm guessing what she meant was that Ann Romney has never had to work to pay her family's bills a day in her life. Mommy wars aside, I think it illustrates the Romney family's extreme wealth/privilege.

    1. Do you think Michelle Obama, Theresa Heinz Kerry, or Hillary Clinton have a realistic idea of what it's like to have to struggle to pay their family's bills?

    2. I don't really think any of the ruling class understands the plight of the common man very well.


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