7 Quick Takes Friday - August 10, 2012

--- 1 ---

Elanor had her first day of second grade on Monday. (We had considered holding her back a year, but after a two-hour meeting with her special ed team, we've decided to revamp her IEP and advance her to grade 2.) Here she is just before we left:

And with her matching Hello Kitty fedora:

I can't believe my baby is in second grade!

--- 2 ---

I'm amazed by the technology in her classroom. A few days ago, Elanor drew a picture on one of her room's iPads and then told her teacher about what she drew. Her teacher e-mailed me the picture and a recording of Elanor's story! You can see the picture and listen to her story here. (It won't work if you're on an iPhone, just FYI, because the app requires Flash.)

--- 3 ---

More bragging about my eldest... she drew another family portrait for me the other day, and showed off her math skills, too! 

--- 4 ---

Look what I bought the other day:

Love!!! Thank you, Target!

--- 5 ---
Gabriel, a.k.a. Captain Adorable

Steve, a.k.a. Captain America
Uncanny resemblance, no?

--- 6 ---
I swear, this kid can sleep anywhere.

--- 7 ---
This is what happens when I say, "Kids, let me take a picture of all of you together." Violet refuses to stand anywhere near her siblings, Elanor tries to put the baby in a headlock, and William... is William.

--- BONUS #8 ---

Fantastic news, everyone - gorgeous redheaded Nico HAS A GRANT FUND!!!!!! If you can spare some cash, throw it in the pot - every little bit helps!

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  1. I love the last picture lol! So cute.

    Captain Adorable and Captain America are both so cute I can't stand it!

    Elanor is so cute in her Hello Kitty gear for school!

  2. Nicoooo!!! Suaveee!!! Thank you!

  3. Are you kidding me about the iPad? Dying. Last I taught in a classroom, we'd just gotten laptops, and they were a nightmare. I am chalking this more up to the fact that the laptops were PCs, and not Macs, and less on the fact that I'm a million years old, and last time I was in a classroom, Reagan was president.
    Kidding about Reagan.

    1. Her classroom has FIVE iPads, and her teacher told us that Elanor could bring one of our old iPhones to school with her to use exclusively, if we chose (loaded with learning apps only, of course). She also said Elanor could bring her own iPad to class if she had one, but we haven't taken that plunge yet. :P

  4. I've heard that schools around here are planning on having parents to buy iPads for kids to use at school; there is no way that's going to fly with my husband, he has a hard enough time letting the kids rent library books. BTW, I had no idea that school started so early over there for you guys! August just started! Over here, it's always the day after Labor Day.

    I wish my kids would sleep just anywhere!

    And I love those glasses--my kids better not see those at Target--they've really been into Super Heroes lately!

    1. School start times seem to vary. But usually out west and even in Mississippi we start in August and end in May. I never knew people started in September end in June until I was an adult.

      I think it has to do with the temperature. Both Arizona and Mississippi heat up fast and it's not cheap to air condition a building (when I was in 1st grade I remember they were trying to pass a bond to install ac in the highschool, they didn't have any at that point just used fans and windows).

      Where it's colder (usually) and you (I'm gonna guess you live further north) have snow days it makes more sense for your school year to be different. I think I saw snow in MS maybe 5 times in the 22 years I was there. And they did cancel school for slight snows because nobody had snow tires or chains. Most of my norther transfer friends thought it was silly to cancel for only a couple of inches. :)

    2. Yep, I live in MN! Yeah Minnesotans can get pretty snooty when they hear that people cancel school for just a few inches of snow. I'm not sure exactly how many inches they cancel over here in MN, I think it depends more on the density of the snow than the quantity. (Of course, if it's supposed to snow 12 inches they wouldn't have school.) They will also cancel school if there's supposed to be a sleet storm, as the icy roads are dangerous. With us, we could have a snow storm every week, so I think schools just expect people to "winterize" their cars (get good snow tires, ect) and be prepared.

      It's so interesting to learn about how schools and weather in different regions are handled. Thanks!

  5. We have an iPad, and the kids love it and both can use it easily (and the youngest is 2.) My husband just bought the Google Nexus 7 (only $200, so much cheaper) because he's become so reliant on the iPad and since we had to replace the screen, the wifi has been touchy. He loves the Nexus. Not quite as slick as the iPad, but does pretty much the same stuff for less than half the cost. Smaller, though. It's based on the Android system.

    I hear my oldest's school has iPads in the classroom, too, and they are a big hit with the kids and the teachers. Amazing to think, when I went to college no one even had a personal computer. I was the techno-geek with a typewriter with a little built-in word processor (5 line display!) I loved finishing papers and hitting the "print" button. Clackity clackity clackity for 20 minutes! (Yes, I'm old.)


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