7 Quick Takes Friday - September 7, 2012

Collin and I had a wonderful anniversary! Thanks to Kara and Heidi, who split up our children between them, we had 24 kid-free hours. It was glorious. We spent them at the Talking Stick Resort.

--- 1 ---

This is the view from one of the topmost floor of the hotel (the 14th, I think?) Our room was only one floor below.

--- 2 ---

We stayed in a "Club King" room, meaning that we were in one of the Towers and had access to the Club Lounge. The Club Lounge, formerly the Presidential Suite, offered a free hors d'oevueres reception every night. And when I say free, I mean free -- food AND alcohol. Plus, they offered a continental breakfast every morning. (A nice one, too -- they had mini quiches and egg-and-bacon muffins along with fruit, cereal, bagels, etc.)

--- 3 ---

We had a marvelous dinner at their five-star restaurant, Orange Sky. Pretty fancy place -- it had a dress code and everything. (The people in front of us at the reservations desk were turned away because they were wearing shorts and flipflops -- yes, really.) The meal cost about the same as our room (!) but it was, hands down, the best meal I've ever had in my life. I had the Jidori Chicken and it was indescribably amazing. I moaned aloud with pleasure when I put the first succulent bite into my mouth and experienced the flavor explosion on my tongue. It was that good.

--- 4 ---

We told our server we were celebrating our anniversary, and look what she brought out for us! It was as good as it looks, too.

--- 5 ---

We also spent some time at Shadows, the cigar lounge.

--- 6 ---

It was truly a fantastic stay. And on Monday night, we got the best gift of all -- our new goddaughter was born! Welcome, Monica Gayle!

--- 7 ---

Take a look at Janie. Isn't she a doll?

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