7 Quick Takes Friday - January 4, 2013

--- 1 ---

Ongoing prayers for Jen! I hope her recovery is swift.

--- 2 ---

We are shopping at Hobby Lobby on Saturday! Afterwards, we are going to lunch at Chik-fil-a. Then we're going to Mass tomorrow afternoon as well. It's the Hater Trifecta! :D

--- 3 ---

Say a quick prayer for Collin, please? Stress is mounting due to a variety of factors - financial, work, etc. - and he's struggling.

--- 4 ---

My Christmas present this year was repainting our bedroom! I was so sick of the peach walls, and have hated them since we moved in. We now have "Warm Buff" walls with "Wild Basil" accents (beige and green to match our new palm-tree-themed bedding, which was my birthday gift). I'm very pleased with how it turned out, especially considering neither of us had ever painted a room before. It's still not entirely done, as we have some touch-ups to do and some furniture to rearrange, so I'll post pictures once it's completely ready.

--- 5 ---

Here's a video of Elanor, William, and Candyce (my niece) helping us paint! (We primed the walls first, which is why they are whitish instead of the hideous peach color.)

--- 6 ---

I received some exciting news a few days ago - I have a new niece or nephew coming this summer, times TWO! My sister is pregnant with twins!

--- 7 ---

I'm still praying for a positive resolution to the ban on adoptions recently enacted in Russia. This affects several of my friends, and I hope and pray that this horrible ruling will be reversed or amended. 

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  1. Praying for Collin! It's so hard these days for some reason, seemingly more than normal. Congrats on the twins for your sister!!

  2. Hater trifecta, lol!!!

    Love ya, girl. Praying.

  3. "Hater trifecta" - awesome!! We have neither a Chik-fil-a nor a Hobby Lobby in the near vicinity, so I think I might have to order something online from Hobby Lobby. But we do have the opportunity to go to Mass!

    I will pray for Collin...stress is all around these days.

  4. Dying - hater trifecta!!!!! Best ever!!


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