A Twitter Conversation with an Abortion Supporter

It started with this tweet, as seen on the website Moronic Pro-Choice Quotes:

I found the irony of an (alleged) doctor claiming that a surgery was not, in fact, a surgery, too difficult to resist and decided to reply.

[For anyone unaware, I had a D&C in 2006 for a missed miscarriage. At the time of the diagnosis I was twelve weeks along, but the baby was only measuring 7w6d.]

She replied:

 Apparently she's under the impression that a D&C is only classified as a surgery so insurance companies will pay for it. Does that make zero sense to anyone else? There are plenty of necessary non-surgical procedures for which insurance pays. Classifying a D&C as a surgery if it's not one shouldn't make a difference.

I questioned her further:

Now she changes her mind again. Apparently it's the instruments involved that make something a surgery.

I guess if I stab someone to death with a scalpel, that's a surgery too? 

Oh, so now "operative D&Cs" are in fact surgeries, but ones done "in-office" with a curette (what happened to the cannula she spoke of above?) is not.  I press her again:

But of course she finds reasons to nitpick that definition:

Sadly, I have to explain to this "doctor" that she's mistaken:

And throw in some more actual facts:

Note that the previous link provided to her is from a website called "The Surgery Encyclopedia."

She never tweeted me again after that, nor did she ever own up to her lying.

Moral of the story? Usually when abortion advocates claim that pro-lifers are lying, the exact opposite is true, and it's not very difficult to catch them at it. None of them will ever admit that they're wrong, of course; the MO is to ignore you, block you, or call a posse of their friends to start spamming your Twitter feed with idiotic insults -- all of which only further serve to illustrate that their side is losing. We have science, logic, and reason on our side, and they don't. 


  1. Perhaps this doctor is using this definition to hide behind - we do know that trained surgeons aren't necessarily those performing abortions....(and hopefully all those pro-death advocates do recognize that one doctor is not the same as another because I'm going to go to my ob/gyn to have my heart meds changed, aren't you?)

    2.Such treatment, as performed by a surgeon.

  2. Haha! Can I adopt you as my brilliant and deadly little sister for life? You should see the smile on my face as I picture "Doctor" Chi, Bachelor of BS, crouching in a corner of her lying little hellhole, frantically licking her self inflicted wounds! Attagirl! A few more like you and we'll definitely run these murderous devils out of town.


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