How Would You Respond to this Pro-Abortion Argument?

The original comment can be found here, on this post at the blog, if you want to read more of its context. I've already responded, but I'm just curious as to how others would respond.
Women still die from pregnancy, and it doesn't matter how rare or how common certain afflictions are. It is a FACT that not every complication can be predicted, prevented or cured. Women will die. Period. We can't predict which women will die, or how many. But some will die. By forcing women to remain pregnant against their will you are effectively denying women the inalienable right to life. You are rolling the dice with women's lives.
What would you say to this person?

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  1. I think I would reply with "but you can predict that a life will end in abortion", and you can't predict at any point in pregnancy that a mother will die with certainty!
    If you terminate the infant, how will you answer "what if"?

  2. I'd reply, "So based on the "FACT that not every complication can be predicted", I guess we should terminate all pregnancies based on potential alone. Better to play it safe, huh?" Derp.

    We could extrapolate out that logic and say, well, it's a FACT that not every child will be "X", either. So? You don't change the standard to accommodate the mere possibility of something occurring or not occurring.

    Then I'd say, "it's equally savvy that you see no necessity criterion in place, properly ordering the unalienable rights of Americans. Turn your logic back around and read: By forcing the death of an unborn baby (whose only crime is that he or she *may* be complicating things, physically or otherwise), you are denying that baby his or her unalienable right to life which legally trumps the right to liberty of the mother."

  3. One thing I noticed in the comments is that someone said that "personhood doesn't start in the womb" since they only recognize the baby as a "potential human being", which is crazy. I would answer the way you already have and what Nubby has said as well as the commenter above. You can't make it any more clear than you already have. The guy obviously can't understand facts.

  4. We're all gonna die, just as we were all conceived. Humble reflection is needed before we decide to take death into our own hands, for that is the LORD's prerogative (Dt 32:39). The Hippocratic oath seems like an important principle to keep in mind when discussing this issue.


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