7 Quick Takes Friday

Hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary

1. Our trip to North Dakota (July 11-15) went very well. The kids both LOVED flying on the airplane. William never stopped moving, which made for a tiring flight (he was a lap baby). Still, we got to see lots of relatives, most of whom we hadn't seen since October.

2. Sadly, one of my favorite parts of the trip was going to Taco John's for potato oles. There's only one Taco Johns in AZ, ad it's on an Air Force base in Tucson. I miss potato oles.

3. We didn't get to see everyone we wanted to visit -- just not enough time. We did get to see Harry Potter 6, though! I liked it quite a bit, even if they did leave out some scenes from the book I was hoping to see.

4. At the airport, they had to test the juice in William's sippy cup to make sure it wasn't explosive. Our tax dollars at work.

5. Even though it's only been a two-day workweek for me, I'm ready for the weekend. Maybe the kids will even sleep later than 7am!

6. Another reason I was glad to be able to visit family was that it meant we could share our big news in person. And that news is...

7. I'm pregnant! BabyW v3.0 is due 3-2-10. My blood tests are great so far, and I'm hoping for an ultrasound next week. Please keep us all in your prayers. I'm in the throes of nausea and fatigue, which makes going to work lots of fun. Luckily I've been able to manage so far.

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  1. Congratulations on your big news! How exciting! I'll bet you needed those pototo oles more than anyone knew :)


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