Great news!!

As I mentioned on Friday, Collin and I put in an offer on a wonderful house last week, and we found out today that it was accepted! We are going to be homeowners for the first time!

The house is right behind our church --we have a magnificent view of it from the master bedroom. Great neighborhood, lots of small kids, close to good schools. 4br, 2ba, a gorgeous backyard with a firepit. There's even a cupboard under the stairs (if we make that William's room, maybe he'll go to a school of magic someday...)

The only drawback is that the interior paint job is pretty ugly (varying shades of peach with one accent wall that's red).  Oh well, we can paint. Elanor's room is not peach but rather pink and purple with a Disney Princess motif -- perfect for her!

We are so grateful to God for this opportunity! If all goes well we will close on November 20. Our lease on our current house isn't up until December 31, so that gives us plenty of time to move in.

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  1. That is SUCH wonderful news -- so happy for you all!!!!!! And, it was great to see those ultrasound pics. I would have to agree, baby looks more like a William than an Elanor. What that means about the sex of the baby, I have no clue, as my mother's intuition is also broken! I have some cool news -- I *may* be having a homebirth! MOre on that later...God bless your day. When can we come and visit you in your new house??? ;-)


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