7 Quick Takes Friday

Thanks, as always, to Jen.

1. We had our house inspection yesterday and Collin was able to get in and take pictures. The inspection went very well; there are a few minor things but nothing major. Overall everything looks great! Our official closing date right now is November 20, but paperwork and such is proceeding ahead of schedule so we may be able to close the week after next. 


2. My 29th birthday is on Tuesday. Eeep! We have no plans to celebrate on the actual day, since we both work (Collin's shift doesn't end until 7:30pm), but I'm hoping we can arrange a sitter for next weekend so we can do dinner and a movie. I would love to see the new version of "A Christmas Carol" -- especially in 3-D!

3. Speaking of birthdays, I received a fantastic early birthday gift from my friend Rose. I'm wearing it at work today and am telling everyone that I'm a load bar for Halloween.

4. Speaking of Halloween, here's a quick joke: 

What do monsters use to drink their beer?

A Franken-stein!

Yuk, yuk, yuk.

5. Elanor has been asking to go trick or treat for the past week. She is terribly excited. William is excited too, but only because Elanor's so worked up. I'm excited too; they are both going to be so adorable in their costumes! (William is a cow and Elanor is Minnie Mouse.)

6. I heard a sweet song today, and apparently there's a video that goes with it. Check out here -- it's called "God and Dog".

7. Happy Halloween, and All Saint's Day! Remember to pray for the souls in purgatory on All Souls Day.    

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