7 Quick Takes Friday

Thanks, as always, to Jen.

Sorry no quick takes last week -- too busy!

1. We close on our house on Monday! Collin is signing the papers that morning. We don't actually get the keys until Tuesday, though -- our realtor has to wait until the paperwork is approved by the county first, which probably won't happen until late Monday afternoon. Collin doesn't work on Tuesday so he'll get the keys from her then.

2. I'm going to spend the weekend packing boxes, I think. Our lease isn't up until December 31 so we have plenty of time to move in slowly, but I want to try get as much out as possible in the next few weeks to make cleaning our current house easier.

3. For the next few weeks, Collin is going to be working outside the home! He's participating in a program that involves working in an Apple store at a local mall so he can get more "hands-on" experience with both products and customers. He's looking forward to the change. The mall where he's working isn't too far from where I work, so we might be even be able to carpool a few days a week to save on gas.

4. Not much to report in baby news. S/he is still kicking away, and I'm getting bigger by the day. My next appointment is December 11, and then I start going every two weeks (holy cow!). I've had some unsettling nightmares the last few weeks (one about robbers and one about zombies), which is a symptom I had with Elanor but not with William. Maybe that means it's a girl? It's odd how I had such strong girl vibes at first, and now I'm having strong boy vibes.

5. I picked up a Boppy pillow at our church rummage sale last weekend for $2.00! I figured it'd be useful to have an extra one. Since our new house has two stories, I can keep one upstairs and one downstairs.

6. At my last appointment, I asked to be tested for anemia to see if there was a physical reason for the fatigue I've been having lately. They decided to test my thyroid as well. The results: normal for both. I guess I just need to start going to bed earlier! (Easier said than done...)

7. A belated thank you to all of our military service members, past and present! In the spirit of Veteran's Day, here is an article about my cousin Adam, and here is an article about my uncle Joe. Both are in the North Dakota Army National Guard and I am so proud of them!

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