7 Quick Takes Friday - June 24, 2011

Thanks to Hallie for hosting this week while Jen is enjoying her babymoon!

1. I set up an ExpectNet Online Baby Pool for people to guess about SeƱor/ita Cuatro's sex, weight, birthday, etc.

Feel free to make a guess! Winner gets naming bragging rights. ;)

2. This week has been kind of tough pregnancy-wise. On Monday I was so dizzy I had to call in sick to work. I even went into the doctor, but he diagnosed it as a "weird pregnancy thing" and told me to push fluids, in case it was the heat. (On the up side, we got to hear baby's heartbeat again - nice and strong at 160bpm.)

Tuesday I was okay, but in the evening I became nauseous and the next day I had a headache all day which, as the day progressed, seemed to be developing into a migraine. (Thankfully, I was able to head it off with Tylenol PM and lots of sleep.) Today's been pretty good, and I'm hoping tomorrow will be as well.

3. Another weird thing that happened this week: my paycheck bounced. It turns out that the company who does my company's payroll is using a new bank, and one of the wire transfers was miskeyed, so the correct funds didn't get into the necessary account in time. I was affected, as was my boss, my boss' boss, and several of my co-workers. Luckily, we were alerted within hours of the screw-up, and Collin quickly transferred some money into our account from savings so we wouldn't overdraft. My company wired the money into our account the next day and are reimbursing NSF and wire transfer fees, so it's only a temporary annoyance instead of a big problem. Still, like I said, just one more bizarre thing in a very weird week.

4. I signed William up for T-ball yesterday! His uncle Chaun, who loves sports and has no sons of his own, has volunteered to take him. He starts July 16 and he is very excited!

5. I also got my first haircut in about six months yesterday. I didn't go very short but I took off some length (which feels much better in this heat) and added bangs and some layers. I'm pleased with how it looks.

6. My secret fantasy is to have one of those uber-short pixie cuts, something like this. However, I don't think I'll ever have the facial structure or body shape to really pull it off.

7. Finally, I leave you with this:

Makes me very excited for our upcoming vacation, even though I don't know if I'll be able to go on the new Star Tours (depends on what their restrictions are for pregnant women).

Happy Friday!


  1. My husband is bothering me to cut my hair for the first time in two years...but he doesn't want it as short as it was when he married me (which was a pixie that I hated the minute I got it). I don't keep my hair long because I think it's more feminine or anything like that. I do it because of the insane amount of planning it takes to get a haircut. Not to mention how much places charge. Even $20 can be steep some weeks around here...

  2. Ouch! I had a coupon for $4 off (I just went to SuperCuts) so before tip it only cost me $11.

  3. That video is hilarious. Love it. And I don't even like Star Wars (gasp!)

    So sorry you haven't felt well, yuck. 1st trimester is so hard.

    I totally won my own ExpectNet poll for Charlotte by a landslide. It was hilarious.

    Please let me know if you need anything during your pregnancy. I know I'm a stranger, but I could help a little, anyway, if needed. Just let me know!

  4. Oh, Kara, that's sweet. Let me know if you need anything during your babymoon with Charlotte!

    I've been totally off with my other kids so I'm expecting to lose my own poll by a landslide. :P

  5. Ha ha, I didn't mean to pick the weight so close to what you picked! So fun!!

  6. Thank you! <3 We're doing great so far, just trying to take it easy whenever possible (LOL, right :P)

    That's too funny, I guess we'll see! You should do an average. All my kids seem to be around the same size, give or take, and all of them the first week of the month, and in the late afternoon/night time. My body is like clockwork even in creating babies. ;)

  7. Well, Violet was born at the beginning of the month, Elanor in the middle of the month, and William at the end of the month... and all three of them had different weights (8lbs 3oz, 7lbs 10oz, and 6lbs 4oz, respectively), and I went early with two and late with one.... so yeah, I have no idea. :P

  8. Yeah, that is hard to guess! I guess we'll see! Hehe.


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