7 Quick Takes Friday - July 8, 2011

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. I had a prenatal appointment on Tuesday. Baby's heartbeat was 150bpm, everything else looked great. We scheduled the anatomy ultrasound for July 25! Sadly, Collin won't be able to be there; he has to work that day and it's unlikely he'll get it off. I think I'll take Elanor instead and we can have a special mommy/daughter afternoon together. I think she'll like getting a sneak peek at her new brother or sister.

2. Collin and I had our first date eleven years ago yesterday! We celebrated on Tuesday afternoon by going to my appointment together, getting a couple's massage at our favorite massage place, then grabbing a quick meal together at Olive Garden. I adore their chicken scampi.

3. My boss' last day of work is today (she's moving back to her hometown) so after work our whole department is taking her out for happy hour at a local restaurant. I haven't been to happy hour with co-workers in... I can't even remember the last time. We're sad to see her go but it should be a fun time socializing before she takes off.

4. Speaking of socializing, I went to a blogger meet-up yesterday afternoon!! Leila (Little Catholic Bubble) Nicole (Mom and Then Some) and I went out for coffee, and WE HAD A BLAST! It was the fastest three hours of my life! We talked, and talked, and talked some more. It was such a blessing and such a balm to my soul to be able to spend time with two such beautiful, intelligent, faithful Catholic women. Plus, I got to see Leila's house (gorgeous) and meet some of her family (also gorgeous).

Here's a picture of us hanging out! (L to R: Me, Nicole, Leila)

5. In a related note to my Saturday post regarding same-sex marriage, Steven Greydanus wrote an excellent article for the National Catholic Reporter on the issue of Redefining Marriage. He put in two paragraphs what I was basically trying to say in my entire post:

Recently in an online forum a same-sex marriage advocate wrote to me, “I’ve never once had any conservative be able to tell me how the legalization of gay marriage affects, in any measurable way, their relationship with their spouse.”

My response was: “I’ve never once had any same-sex marriage advocate be able to offer a coherent account of what marriage is and is not, and why it is the state should have a bureaucratic apparatus for certifying (and decertifying) sexual partnerships involving two and only two non-related adults in any gender combination.”

6. We discovered a wonderful new place to eat over the holiday weekend, thanks to my BIL and SIL... L & L Hawaiian Barbecue. For you that live in Phoenix, this is the location we went to, although I believe there's one in the Tempe/Gilbert area as well. The food was phenomenal!!!

7. Violet got into the pantry the other day and managed to knock a glass jar of pickles of the shelf. Guess it's time to find a lock for the pantry! I think we'll get a couple of these.

Have a great weekend!


  1. How cool you got to meet those great Catholic women bloggers!

    I love L&L....I'm a Hawaiian at heart and have family on the islands. Wish they would open up a location here in central Texas!

  2. Soooooooo great to see you, too! What fun!! That's why I love my bubble! It's like hearth and home. :)

    And, #5… BINGO.


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