Twenty-week ultrasound pictures

Most of the u/s was in 2-D, but the tech switched to 3-D for the face shot! Isn't s/he adorable? 
Profile + belly shot. Baby was measuring 19w6d (3 days ahead), and his/her estimated weight is 11oz.
Profile shot. S/he was dancing away the whole time, but the tech (and later my doctor) verified that everything looks perfect!
A close-up of the head. His/her profile looks similar to William's, I think, but also a little like Violet's... I'll have to post comparison pics later.
Baby foot! We brought Elanor with to the ultrasound and she was fascinated. She asked the tech if he could make this shot even bigger, and he said, "No, baby's foot is about the size of my thumbnail right now, so this is as big as I can make the picture."


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