7 Quick Takes Friday - November 4, 2011

1. I turned 31 yesterday! Other than that, it was an average day. I went to work, got off at 1pm, prayed at the abortion clinic for an hour, did some browsing at the St. Vincent de Paul store (I found a Spiderman coat in William's size for $1.29! Woohoo!), drove home, picked up the kids, took them to Elly's T-ball practice, and then went home. (Whew!)

2. However, I took today off of work, and Collin already has the day off. We went to my OB appointment together, then out for brunch, and we're going to go see Courageous.

3. My OB appt went well. Baby's still head down and has a heart rate of 140. I mentioned the near-constant back pain, and Dr. N recommended a chiropractor he knows who works with a lot of pregnant women, so I might try that. He also recommended a support belt.

4. When I was at the St. Vincent de Paul store yesterday, I handed my debit card and ID to the cashier. He looked at my ID, looked at me, looked at my ID, looked at me. I thought he was going to make a birthday comment, but he said, "You're even more beautiful in person." It was a sweet compliment and made my day!

5. Elanor has her first T-ball game tomorrow morning! She has a uniform and everything. I had thought they were just getting T-shirts, but no - she has gray pants, a blue shirt, blue socks and a hat. I'll be sure to take pictures. Her team is the "Kansas City Royals." (All the teams are named after professional baseball teams, and the real Royals train in Surprise.)

6. I'm terribly excited for tomorrow night - the Knights of Columbus are hosting a "Wives Appreciation Dinner," and Collin and I are going! By ourselves! To a fancy restaurant! With other adults! (My BIL and SIL are watching the kids.) I might even wear make-up, which is usually a once-per-year event.

7. On Sunday the kids and I are going to meet Kara at her sweet daughter's birthday party! I can't wait!

7a. I had hoped Collin could come with us to the birthday party, but his stupid employer has required mandatory overtime on Saturday AND Sunday. Boo, hiss. I think I just need to resign myself to the fact that he will have mandatory overtime for the rest of our natural lives, because there's no end in sight. At least when I have the baby he can take a week or two of FMLA leave and get a small reprieve - even his slave drivers at work can't deny him that without violating federal law.

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  1. 4. Awwww, I love that!!

    7. So sorry to miss you guys, and sorry Collin has to miss, too!

  2. iPhones suck at blogger. This is my bazillionth attempt.

    Anyhooooo!!! Number 7 is my favorite, of course! WOOHOOO!! I can't wait, either!! Bummer about Collin, though! And boo, Leila :(

    I love that clerk, how sweet is that? I love that you get to spend time out with dh, too!!

    Hope you can find something that helps your poor back. :(


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